Business Solutions

This section of the web site describes various business solutions FileHold software delivers and how the software will save a company or government time and money, contribute to improved operations, and help reduce waste.

According to a 2007 State of the Paper Industry Report, the benefits of decreasing paper use slightly or going paper light should not be overlooked. In fact, if the U.S.cut its office paper use by roughly 10 percent or 540,000 tons, greenhouse gas emissions would fall by 1.6 million tons — equivalent to taking 280,000 cars off the road for a year.

Benefits of FileHold for document librarians

Document management software benefits library managers and document administrators who are responsible for maintaining the integrity and control of documents within the organization. FileHold software reduces the amount of paper document librarians have to manage and gives them the power to manage and organize vast libraries of electronic information.

  1. Storage hierarchy control - Allows library administrators to manage the highest levels of the document folder hierarchy (ensuring documents are filed appropriately) while still allowing the end users to be self-sufficient adding content and lower-level folders and categories.
  2. Controlled vocabulary management - Centrally managed document profiles ensure that documents are indexed according to company standards. Forcing each user to meta tag each document before adding it to the system ensures that a minimum of information is captured on each file.
  3. Document life cycle control and audit trails - Document Management Software provides a structured way to track documents as they move through the document life cycle. Version control and audit trails provide control and accountability as to when and how documents where modified. This is essential for governmental regulatory compliance.
  4. Secure documents across the enterprise - Allows for the secure control and authorization of internal (company) and external (partners, suppliers, customers etc) users as they access documents. Built in security allows for the tight control of who can access what information and the degree of access they can have (read, add, edit, delete or Admin).
  5. Connecting islands of data - Document Management Software allows business manager to consolidate and connect islands of documents and data that may be littered across their internal (LAN or WAN) networks. Bringing these islands of information into one place results in a more productive workforce as users need only look to one source to find the information they need.