Customization of FileHold

FileHold has many features that are 'out of the box'. To help partners and customers solve business problems that are unique to their industry there are a number of ways to customize the software.

Language localization

The user prompts in the software can be localized into different languages. The conversion work is typically done by the customer using the resource files that are provided who understands the language best.

Rebranding to customize the "look and feel"

Rebranding the logos and color scheme within the Web Client is available out of the box to customers. More elaborate customization to the web client and the desktop application can be made by FileHold developers to provide a unique look and feel that matched a customers or re-sellers exact requirements.

Document auto-filing

Documents can be automatically filed into a destination folder based on a script configured on the FileHold server. This saves time so users do not have to do this as a manual process.

Integration with other applications

The Web Services API is available at no additional charge. Complete documentation is provided to developers who want to provide direct data base integration with other applications.


Paperless Office Software Benefits For Managers

FileHold software benefits business managers looking to improve the efficiency of their company, department or business unit through a paperless office solution. Document management systems reduce the amount of paper and subsequently the costs associated with the management of paper based systems.

  1. Increased Employee Productivity - accessibility to data across business lines dramatically improves employees' decision and reaction times. The result is decreased operating costs and faster time to market for products or services.
  2. Tangible ROI -improving the efficiency of your team or department through improvements in employee productivity by using paperless office procedures ensures the return on your software investment is significant and cost effective.
  3. Low cost of ownership - an affordable, web-driven paperless office solution that doesn't require extensive service, support, networking or user training keeps the total cost of system to a minimum.
  4. Connecting Islands of Data - Document management software allows a business manager to consolidate and connect islands of documents and data that may be littered across their internal (LAN or WAN) networks. Bringing these islands of information into one place results in a more effective workforce as users need only look to one location to find the information they need.
  5. Increased customer satisfaction - provides customers, partners, suppliers, distributors, resellers and other 3rd party's access to relevant documents to keep them satisfied.
  6. Reduced operating costs - Paperless office software helps reduce the costs associated with mailing, printing, paper, photocopying, filing, storage space and telephone calls. Learn more about document management system scanning.
  7. Employee Enablement - The paperless office software gives employees access to tools and data through a web interface allowing them to retrieve critical working documents wherever and whenever they need them. For example, the document management server can act as a central library providing current information about employee benefits, policies, and payroll in a place where employees can find it easily.

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