Human Resources

Every job application, resume, employee review, grievance and all related document must preserved in some form and can fill many cabinets or hard drives very quickly. Often these documents are sent to others for review and approval and can get lost or delayed. A document management solution that includes organized filing of these documents and a workflow process that provides tracking can save the HR department significant time and money.

Using Human Resources e-forms in FileHold

The e-forms capability supports all common HR functions such as employment applications, performance reviews and the many other forms that HR departments use. A candidate applying for employment could fill out the application form (e-from your web site, e-mailed to them, or in your office) once the HR department receives it back it would be added to the FileHold repository and all the information on the form would be captured as metadata. This would then allow the information to be searched and reported on – say the HR Dept. wanted a list of all the people who applied for a job category it would be a simple search and all application forms containing that job position would be presented. Once the form is added to FileHold the HR Department can electronically send it to a manger (using the built in workflow or simple e-mail) for review and approval or comment "lets interview". The process would all be done without paper and kept securely on file.

E-forms has a more tangible pay back and productivity gain then just “going paperless”. Samples of electronic forms can be found here.

Organizing documents and records with a document management solution

Capturing e-mail - Most job applications and cover letters arrive by e-mail. The document management software allows for easy "drag and drop" of e-mail including resumes into appropriate electronic folders that are easily set up for each new candidate or position being advertised.

Migrating electronic information into the document management system data - Using the powerful feature of "AutoTagging" users can simply drag information about an employee into their electronic file and the metadata about that file Will be automatically populated with key information such as employee name, date of migrations and otter fields the HR department deems to be important

Document scanning and imaging – A document management solution with a document scanner interface allows users to convert paper based HR records such as resumes, letters of reference, Government tax and insurance forms into electronic documents that are easily stored in a secure secure, central repository.

Once the employee documents are in the system authorized users can then retrieve them with a single click from any third party business application (FastFind) or from anywhere in the world they have access to the Internet.

Automating HR workflow with document management workflow

An instant time and money saver in the HR process is the use of electronic workflow. Users of the HR systems can kick off a automated workflow and approval process from an e-mail in Outlook or from a document stored in the document management system. The workflow system allows users to route resumes or annual reviews to appropriate "Reviewers" and "Approvers". The system tracks the status of this workflow and provides the HR department with up to the minute status on the review or approval.

HR alerts and reminders

The HR department manages many employee or contractor contracts. Once these documents are stored in document management HR system they can be set to provide alerts and reminders of actions to be taken. Matters like annual reviews or contract expiration can be scheduled to automatically remind managers of tasks to be done.