Science and Research Organizations

The purpose of science and research organizations is to generate Intellectual Property (IP). This IP represents the value of the organization and needs to be kept secure and version controlled but at the same to me be accessible to colleagues who share the research projects. It is critical that logs be kept of users who access the information and make changes or updates. Our document control software is a secure, centralized repository for research information. There are highly structured user rights that control who has access to the research documents and there are version control mechanisms to ensure that all revisions to research documents are kept current but at the same time all previous versions of the documents remain available.

Powerful workspace features "My FileHold" allow authors to collect working documents in a single folder for the purpose of cross referencing materials. Linking features allow researchers to establish "parent child" relationships in their research materials and make it easy to reference relevant associated materials.

Researchers often take an array of research materials with them and work remotely. The document control software provides an automated way to download document on to a desktop for working with them off-line. When the work is finished the documents can be returned to the repository even including version updates if revisions have been made.

Personalized views in FileHold

Different researchers want to see their documents, and associated detail in different ways! Different business problems demand different views of information. The document management software allows users to create personal views to customize how their documents are displayed at all levels:

  • Separate personal views can be created for each list type such as: Folders, Search Results, Recently Added Document List, Alerts, Virtual Folders, My Tasks, etc.
  • On the Folder level a different personal views can be created for each individual folder

The views can be kept personal or, if the view is being created by Library or System Administrators, can be made public so that other users may use it as well. Once created and saved views are available in both.

Each list type can have multiple personal and/or public views and the last view used becomes the default view for this list. The next time a user wishes to look at the list they are presented with the familiar view.

In the Desktop Application, views can be created very intuitively by directly manipulating a view which is being displayed. This is done by moving column separators with the mouse and using Add / Remove Column and Group By menus available by right clicking at the list header area. The resulting view is automatically stored as a new personal view with a suggested default name which can be modified. Folder Views can be “inherited”, applied to all drawers and folders in a cabinet, or the views can be set independently. Library Administrators can set system wide default views. They can also force all users to use certain views by resetting their defaults to a global view of their choice. Users can assign a specific view to become their default view in any given Folder.