Records Management Software for Government

records management for government

Government bodies started to implement electronic records management software in the late 1990s. Most were implemented making use of shared network drives, a database and a custom built application. Commercial solutions cost several hundred thousand dollars and were not affordable for many. As the cost of maintaining these systems increases and the number of users and documents escalates, the need for an affordable, "off the shelf" and fully supported document management software gets greater.

"Go green, go paperless"

Government bodies implementing document management software have a goal of becoming more sustainable meaning they want to decrease the amount of paper used and money spent on storage and labor. Paper folders, labels, shelving, and file cabinets, and the floor space they consume are expensive. With document management software the space lost to filing can be reclaimed.

Document management software reduces overhead by eliminating the need to make multiple copies of a single document for staff and other departments to view. Documents can be viewed simultaneously in the document repository from the desktop application or the web client.

Government agencies have a duty to its citizens to increase efficiency and improve communication while maintaining compliance to regulations. Audit trails, logs, and repository back-ups must be in place to meet standards and guidelines. Document management software can instantly provide reports to auditors to ensure compliance. A disaster recovery plan works with document management software to ensure that data is never lost and can easily be recovered.

FileHold software in municipal governments

FileHold record management software has been successfully installed in several Ontario, Canada municipalities. Image Advantage, a FileHold partner, works with these municipalities to implement a complete solution of TOMRMS and FileHold document management software in order to manage their paper documents. TOMRMS stands for “The Ontario Municipal Records Management System” and is a file classification system created to define the documents of a municipality. It is the only file classification system developed in conjunction with the Association of Municipal Managers, Clerks & Treasurers of Ontario.

“Since we instituted the FileHold and TOMRMS data storage systems, we have been able to reduce paper storage significantly and find that retrieving information is much faster.”
-  Richard Bennett, Treasurer, Township of Edwardsburg/Cardinal

FileHold implementation is fast and easy

Implementing a enterprise wide document management system can seem daunting but FileHold document management software is easy to use, easy to install, and has intuitive interface. Moving all documents into a central repository will eliminate the need for paper, storage, duplication, lost records, and allow for quick and easy searches for information. Records are stored safely using multiple levels of security and information is never lost. Logs and audit trails ensure the integrity of documents and keeps you in compliance.

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