Customer Case Studies

FileHold Case Studies

The paperless office is a dream for organizations but often not a reality. Document and records management software and document scanning software can convert file rooms full of paper into organized electronic documents storage.

Case Studies of FileHold Software Installations

The following are case studies from real FileHold customers who wanted to reduce dependence on paper documents and protect their intellectual property.

Software Implementation Frequently Asked Questions

Implementation of FileHold Software is quick and easy and is delivered at a fixed cost. Following are a few of the most asked questions about FileHold document management software implementation and licensing practices.

Can FileHold be installed and configured by non FileHold IT personnel?

Yes. FileHold software is certified by Microsoft to be user installable. If being installed on premise or a private cloud by the customer detailed software installation guides are available for customers who want to install themselves. The software ships with a complete auto installer package. Once a server is properly configured installation will be less than 2 hours. FileHold provides diagnostic tools that confirm the server has been prepared correctly prior to installation and confirms that the software has been installed correctly after installation.  If being purchased as a FileHold Cloud there is no installation work to be done.

Does FileHold store document in their native formats (i.e. Word documents, Excel Spreadsheets, etc)?

Yes. the FileHold stores the documents in their native formats. All documents can be stored in a directory structure (secured) that can be located on the web server, DB server or a SAN or file storage system.

How long has FileHold been in the software business?

The software manufacturing company was officially founded in 2005 but two of the founders had owned a document management consultancy for 3 years prior to that. The software was 18 months in development and the first release was June 2006 (FileHold '06). The software now has 150+ man years of development and has been installed for more than 50,000 users.

What can I expect from FileHold support?

The support is outstanding. It starts with a meticulous Quality Assurance program that ensures the product is stable and robust before it is delivered. The company monitors the support portal 16 hours per day to deal with any problems. With the purchase of an implementation package customers get technical assistance in the initial installation and web based user training. To support new users there are training videos and an extensive on line help knowledge base. To learn about the support and upgrade program called FileCare go to Service level agreement.

Can you clarify licensing practices - what are the differences between concurrent and registered users?

"Registered user" licenses for individual so they can have a unique user ID and Password and any work they do on the system can be tracked and secure. Individual security rights can be assigned to a registered user and all of their activity on the system can be traced. Some customers also synchronize their user rights with Microsoft Active directory allowing for a single source of user management.

The idea is for customers to buy inexpensive registered user licenses for everyone who wants to use the system so you can have secure, controlled reportable access. The number of more expensive concurrent sessions is based on the intensity of use - how many will use the system at the same time (sometimes time zones, shift workers, flex time and other matters affect this concurrent usage). A fairly standard ratio might range from 2 to 5 registered users per concurrent access session - this can be modified based on your usage patterns. There is no price penalty for adding more of any kind of licenses at any time. We generally encourage people to start small and add licenses as needed. Learn more about licensing.