Oil and Gas Sector

According to Oil and Gas Investor, total upstream energy IT support spending is about 25 cents per barrel of oil. Booz & Co mentioned that some analysts believe digital oilfield technologies could increase the net present value of oil and gas assets by 25%.

Workflow processes

When Marco Polo visited Azerbaijan, he found oil gushing out of the ground. Today, oil is considerably harder to find, but new technologies are making the once-inaccessible accessible. Along with these new technologies comes the need to replace paper based processes.

One of the areas the oil and gas industry can benefit most from technology is the elimination of paper based processes and replacing them with electronic workflow and approval processes. Document Management software helps oil and gas companies streamline the management of paper based information by helping to turn that information into digital form making it secure, organized and easily found.

Going green, going paperless

Many oil and gas companies have rooms, maybe even warehouses, full of active paper records that are expensive to store and difficult to search but must be kept for audit purposes. To reduce this expense footprint and environmental impact, the greenest option may be to convert as many of those records as possible into electronic formats. Not only would this reduce ongoing storage costs, it would reduce the associated energy footprint. Electronic documents can be stored much more compactly in a document management system. More importantly the efficiency of looking for certain records when needed for audit purposes can take a matter of seconds reducing the manpower cost of finding and assembling document for audit.

Document control For QHSE professionals

The document management system is easy to install, easy to use and secure. The software can be configured for the QHSE business environment enabling you to accelerate the Audit process by quickly retrieving electronic documents for the API or ISO Audit. Fast, simple document retrieval reduces the time of any Auditor on site. All documents, drawings, and supportive recorded QMS procedures, work instructions, and recorded data can presented to the auditor instantly using structured filing or quick search capabilities.

To learn more about how FileHold can improve and streamline your QHSE business environment, and accelerate your audit processes, resulting in more productive time for you and your company, attend the next upcoming FileHold webinar. The document control software can also be scaled to securely store documents in other business processes such as Receiving Inspections, Data Document Packages, Accounts Payables invoices, and Human Resources information. For a local free evaluation, contact [email protected].