Charitable, Church and Non-profit Organizations

Membership groups including charitable, church, labor unions and non-profit need a document management software solution. These organizations promote the interests of their members and in so doing manage significant amounts of information. Membership organizations are integral to the social fabric of society as mechanisms to pursue shared interests or address common concerns. Membership organizations create massive amounts of paper as they process membership information, but even more so, as they make efforts to communicate information to each other. The use of FileHold software in charitable organizations can help them eliminate costs associated with mailing and faxing.

Case studies

FileHold software can serve as a central repository of the organizations history such as in the case of the Foursquare Church who deployed FileHold Software to manage their historical archives of information gathered since 1920. This archive is searched up to 200 times per day for specific information relative to the churches history. "After we participated in the FileHold webinar we knew it was the perfect system for us, so much so that we didn’t even bother with demos of the final two products —FileHold was that good,” said Steve Zeleny, Foursquare Church Archivist.

Document management software can also be used to convert cabinets of documents into electronic information such as in the case of Union local CAW 4209 who were out of space in their office, and were having difficulty finding documents. It was time to clear the office of the five filing cabinets that took up much of the space in their office. “It’s so much easier to look something up than the way we were doing it previously (checking filing cabinets and storage boxes). What a time saver! FileHold will eliminate ¾ of our filing cabinets in my office,” said Don Lajoie of CAW 4209.

The RAFBF processes large amounts of paper and information in order to handle the cases they deal with and had large archives of documents as many cases run for long periods of time. Hence, finding, accessing and sharing these old paper based files was time consuming and inefficient. Gary Ross, the head of IT at RAFBF, said "FileHold now acts as our middle-ware, as it links all of our key business systems together using the actual case content as the lynch-pin." Read a case study on how RAF Benevolent Fund uses FileHold software to improve information sharing and efficiency.

Features of the FileHold System for membership, charitable and non-profit organizations

There are many document management software features that can help membership organizations go paperless. Following are a few that are especially important for membership organizations.

  • Full Text Search: Find what you need based on powerful full-text and tag-based search. FileHold software allows users to save simple or advanced search queries as Saved Searches. When opened, the search is run providing users with an up to the minute view of the content in the document management software that matches the search criteria.
  • Document Archive: Retain document, data and usage history needed to stay in compliance with SOX, HIPAA and your own membership requirements..
  • Version control: Document version control software provides: check in / check out ability preventing documents from being overwritten or deleted as documents are updated by more than one party. All versions of a document are maintained by the document management software in the event that a rollback is required. Users are able to check in documents in and from any standard web browser, from within Microsoft Office applications, using the FileHold Desktop Application and even mobile devices.