Engineering organizations and engineering departments create large and complex design and report documents. Being able to put these documents into a document management workflow for review and approval saves time and money. Having tight version control to ensure everyone is working with the most recent version of a document is critical.

“The ease of use and implementation of FileHold’s Document Management Software were key to our decision to move ahead. We needed to Pilot the application first and FileHold’s flexible licensing with Registered Users and Concurrent Sessions made the budgeting of this part of the project simple.” - Engineering Customer

Global installations of FileHold

Engineering companies demand precision and accuracy in document storage. The document management software has been proven in both regional and global engineering companies to meet that need.

FileHold features for engineering

The powerful workflow feature allows engineers to initiate workflows with a couple of mouse clicks that will send a document to colleagues anywhere in the world for Review and Approval. Every step of the review process is monitored and reported so the progress of he review process can be managed.

Security is a high priority for documents that contain valuable Intellectual Property. The document management software comes with a sophisticated set of user configurations starting from "read only" to the ability to "publish or delete" documents. This allows the Librarian or IT administrator to have tight control over users rights. Every time a user checks out or changes a document that activity is tracked and reported on ensuring a complete audit trail of user activity.

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