Third Party Product Integration with FileHold

The document and record management software has been architected and developed to support easy integration with other enterprise business applications, portals and productivity applications.

Integration Overview

Many companies want the document management software to be a component of a larger integrated knowledge management system. The business objective is to make it easy for companies to share the powerful storage, archiving and workflow components of the document management software with other software products in use.

FileHold is based on the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) model which exposes, in a secure way, web services to the outside world and other applications. An easy to program web service API is provided which accommodates every possible integration scenario.

Look here for Microsoft Office and SharePoint integration.

Web Services API Integration

It is easy for consultant partners and customer's to extend or amend the document management software functionality and to integrate it with existing enterprise productivity applications. The very well documented web services API provides functionality to create library objects (cabinets, folders or document schemas), associate documents being added with metadata schema and values; or manage library object memberships. There is no charge for the API tool or documentation. The API documentation can be found on the FileHold server or you can contact support@filehold.com.

Out of the Box Integration Mechanisms

FileHold has standard mechanisms such as Watched Folders, FastFind, and Print to FileHold. These features allow for simple file and document level integration with scanning devices and other external systems. To learn more about these integration tools go to: optional software features.