Document links and email attachment settings

Different types of document links can be configured for the FDA, Web Client, and the Anonymous portal. These links can be shown in the metadata pane or included in emails as link type attachments. You can also specify if the link should go to the latest version or a specific version. If the specific version option is configured, then the user is brought to the version history instead of directly to a document. The default URL can also be set.

For the web client type and anonymous portal links, there are three modes for how the links are executed in the user interface:

  • Normal goes directly to the document location and highlights the document through the Web Client. For the FDA only normal mode is available.
  • Direct mode opens the document directly in the viewer or it downloads directly to the browser if there is no viewer assigned to the user account or the document format is not supported by the viewer.
  • Locked direct (using the UI=Lock option) mode opens the document in the viewer or browser (depending on the file type) but the rest of the FileHold interface (such as the Library tree and menus) is hidden. This option is meant to be used when integrating the viewer with other applications.
  • Direct download downloads the document without viewing the file in the viewer OR show all supported file formats in the viewer (such as PDF file) and download any unsupported viewer file formats (such as Microsoft Word, Excel). There is a setting that can be configured in the web config file in C:\Program Files\FileHold Systems\Application Server\WebClient that configures this option. If set to false (default) then supported documents are displayed in the viewer and the remaining unsupported file types are downloaded. If set to true, then all documents are automatically downloaded without viewing.
<add key="ViewerFormAlwaysDownloadDefault" value="false" />

The document links can be made visible to all users or to just the administrators in the metadata pane. If the links are made visible to all users, then the link “All URLS” is shown in the version properties. When clicked, the specific URLs are shown. By default, the Web Client, FDA, and direct viewer links are already created when FileHold is installed with the Web Client link as the default.

The available link types for emails are set in the Email Attachments Settings area. Library administrators can determine which link types can be sent in an email.

To create document links

  1. In Web Client, go to Administration Panel > Library Configuration > Settings > General.
  2. In the Document Links Settings area, select the "All links" option visible to everyone check box if all the link types are available to all users in the metadata pane. In other words, all users are able to see the All URLs section in the metadata pane. If this option is not enabled, then only Senior Library Administrators or higher see these links in the metadata pane and users have access to only the default URL.
  3. By default, the Web Client and FDA links are already created when FileHold is installed. The Web Client link is the default. To create a new link do the following:
  • In the Name field, enter a name for the link.
  • In the Context field, select if the link is for the Web Client, FDA or Web Portal (anonymous portal).

It is only possible to generate links for a single web client or self-service portal server. It is still possible to create links to directly access documents on secondary web client or self-service portal servers, but this must be done outside of FileHold.

  • In the User Interface field, select if the link is a Normal, Direct, Locked Direct, or Direct Download link type link type.

Normal mode is the only option that is available for the FDA.

  • In the Document Version field, select if the link takes you to the latest version or a specific version (version history).
  1. Click the + (plus sign) to save the link and/or to add another link type.
  2. To remove a link type, click the - (minus sign).
  3. To edit a link, click the Edit (pencil).
  4. To set the default URL, select the check box next to the link name or click Edit to set the default for an existing link.
  5. To reorder the links so that they are displayed in a specific order in the metadata pane, click Reorder. In the Document Links Reordering window, drag and drop the link names to reorder. Click Save Ordering to save your changes.
  6. Click Update at the bottom of the page.
Document link settings

Email attachment settings

The email attachment settings allows you to specify if users are allowed to send documents from the Library as attachments or as a Document URL link when emailing documents from FileHold. You can also specify the types of links that can be included in the email. The links available depends on the links configured in the Document link settings area.

If documents are emailed as a document URL / links then only users with proper security membership can access the documents when they click on the link. A login is required and the user is taken to the area of the system where the document is located. The document is highlighted and can then be retrieved via get a copy or check out.

If documents are emailed as attachments, then the document can be modified outside of FileHold. If a document is modified outside of the document management system, then FileHold has no way of knowing what changes occurred.

To set email attachment settings

  1. In Web Client, go to Administration Panel > Library Configuration > Settings >General.
  2. In the Email Attachment Settings area > Send Documents As field, select one of the following:
  • Either Attachments or Links
  • Attachments Only
  • Links Only
  1. If links are allowed, then in the Link Type field, select the check boxes next to the document link name that can be used in email attachments.
  2. Click Update at the bottom of the page.
Email attachment settings

Configure the "From" address

When sending an email using the built-in web email client, it can use the logged in users email address or the email address configured in the outbound email settings as the “From” address. A key, “Email.FromGlobalUser” can be configured in the Library Manager web config file. For new installs, the value defaults to true. For upgrades prior to 16.2, the default value is false. Setting this key to true emails using the outbound email address as the “From” address. While it may be desirable to send email using the true From address, some email server configuration may prevent this. In those cases, it will still be possible to send email but all messages will have a single From address from the main FileHold email settings.

Customers that wish individually addressed email where their email server prevents it can purchase a subscription from FileHold to a special email service. You must have your own internet domain name and be able to maintain your domain name service (DNS) records. This does not replace your normal email service; it works along side it. This feature has no impact on users with their own email client outside of FileHold.

Updating the server name in the link URL

If you are a system administrator, you can update the URL to the documents if needed using the FileHold Instrumentation Tool > Change port, server name, or protocol of application server utility. This allows you to update the name of the server to the one that is hosting the FileHold application server. This could be necessary due to a network configuration change or switching a web client only server to point to a new application server. See Change port, server name, or protocol of application server for more information.

You must ensure this address is accessible for ALL required FileHold users, taking into account all internal and any potential external users. FileCare does not include reconfiguring this address or troubleshooting this configuration.