Document Version Control

Document version control software ensures a company knows where their documents are and what version is being worked on. FileHold document management software saves time, decreases process latency and increases efficiency by structuring document workflow.

All companies through collaborative work processes create electronic documents, some small and some extremely large. Often the creation of these documents is the reason the company exists and these documents represents their work product. A constant challenge is keeping track of where the documents are, who was the last person to work on them and knowing what each author contributed.

Digital document management security ensures that all versions of a document are preserved while at the same time giving instant visibility to the most recent iteration.

How It Works

For document version control, the FileHold document management system retains a unique copy of each version of each file as it is checked out and back into the Library. Versions are never overwritten. When a document is checked in and changes have been made, the FileHold document management software automatically creates a new version of the document. Document versions are simply numbered as 1,2,3,4, and so on.

Files can be quickly rolled back to previous versions as required. All versions are maintained. You can easily view any version within the browser or download it to your desktop (If the necessary plug in viewer for your browser is available). Each document version also allows users to track the timing of when versions were added and who added them.

The version history can be viewed at any time. All versions of the document can show any edits made to the metadata and how the document has been used (downloaded, emailed, checked out, and so on).

Read our Document Numbering and Versioning Whitepaper.