Searching for Documents in the Paperless Office

The FileHold software search engine provides a fast, powerful way to find documents in the library which saves time and ultimately reduces cost.

This is the power of document management searching. The search engine indexes both the meta tags associated with the document as well as the actual content of the document. The document management software can extract the content; essentially 'reading', from all file types including PDF, Microsoft Office, Zip and many, many more. Users can restrict the area of the library when searching, for example searching by location, by the type of document, by author, by creation date, by approval status and any other metadata search parameter. The full text search engine can be configured to supports fuzzy, synonym, phonic, boolean and wildcard searching.

Metadata search

Document metadata search allows users to build their own search queries using the library administrator defined metadata fields (including document keywords, select boxes, currency, numeric, date fields, database lookup or drop down menus), system users, file type, creation/modified dates, document approval status, document version, document number, library location and more. Search queries can be built by selecting the metadata field they wish to search by and add operators such as equals, greater than, less than, in the list or between to further expand or restrict the search scope. Searches can be easily saved for future re-use. Learn more about document metadata searching. Users can only search for and find (retrieve) documents they are authorized to access.

Search relevance weighting

Relevance weighting allows search results to be weighted towards the tags associated with the document or the actual content of the document. Allowing search relevancy to weight towards tags will ensures that companies can maximize their investment they have made into document tagging. In addition, weighting towards tags is more appropriate for document types that are not particularly suited for full text indexing such as invoices, purchase orders or other records of transaction. In cases where the library contains documents that are rich in text (e.g. thesis papers or press releases) relevancy is better weighted towards the text of the document.

To learn more about electronic document management search, retrieval features and how easy it is to put these features to work for your company, refer to our Knowledge Base or contact: [email protected]