Document management for SAP™

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Keep all your documents in one place while integrating them with what you already do in SAP™.

Capture invoices from email and scanned snail mail, index them to extract vendors, dates, and totals. Approve them according to policy and send the details to SAP™ for payment, then automatically update the invoices with payment details for full circle handling. Find the invoices and associated documents easily in FileHold using powerful search features for audits, customer service, etc.

Integration options

Name Description Skill level Type
FastFind Search FileHold using information on SAP™ screens. Basic Optional feature
Print to FileHold Add purchase orders, invoices and other documents generated by SAP™. Basic Optional feature
Database dropdown menus* Synchronize data in SAP™ to selection lists in FileHold. Intermediate Included
Schema lookup* Automatically fill fields from data in SAP™. Intermediate Included
Search by URL Link to sets of documents with matching information such as purchase orders. Intermediate to advanced Included
Document links Add direct links to documents. Basic Included
Export script Send approved invoices to SAP™. Intermediate to advanced Custom feature
Payment updater Update invoices in FileHold with payments from SAP™. Intermediate to advanced Custom feature

* May require FileHold External Integration option or third party ODBC/OLE driver.

Search for Documents from Third Party Applications using FastFind

Print-to-FileHold Virtual Printer Driver