Search for Documents from Other Applications

Fast Find

FastFind provides fast and easy integration with virtually any Windows Forms based / Desktop type third party application to search for documents or files contained in the document repository without leaving the parent application software.

FastFind provides search capability from third party windows-based forms applications such as Windows Desktop Applications such as accounting or GIS software. FastFind works in conjunction with the FileHold Desktop Application (FDA). Users can use keyboard shortcut shortcuts that perform searches directly from the chosen application in the document management system to find relevant data instantly.

Document search from any other business application

FastFind provides capabilities for searching from third party Windows desktop applications using:

  1. What has been copied into the Windows "clipboard" (clipboard search).
  2. What the mouse has selected with its cursor (selection search).
  3. What the mouse is hovering over (mouse search).
  4. A screen search (OCR search).

All or some of the above FastFind search types can be invoked with the touch of a hot key. The default hot key combination can be modified if it conflicts with a hot key in the third party application. Once the hot key is pressed, the focus moves to the Desktop Client which then searches the repository for relevant matches. You can also set up FastFind templates to improve your searches from various third party applications.