Software Trials

"Try before you buy"  It is easy to evaluate FileHold software and learn how to reduce paper and increase electronic document collaboration. FileHold offers three ways to try the software ranging from a hands on sales demonstration with our sales consultants, a custom installation on the FileHold Azure cloud or a fully supported "Proof of Concept" installation. To learn how to make your trial so successful it can turn into a production system read this blog article.

The ways to evaluate FileHold Software:

Interactive Demo

A Hands on Interactive Demonstration / Tutorial

A senior sales consultant will invite you to a webinar in which they will walk thorough the document management challenges you have and the features you want to try.  During this presentation they can turn the controls over to you and you can perform all of the common functions like check in or out, search, set up new users and even build a workflow.  You can provide sample documents that can be used in this hands on trial / tutorial.

Free In House Trial of FileHold

A Fully Installed Trial on your server, your hosting environment or the FileHold Azure Cloud

Register at the trial sign up form for a fully installed 14 day, 10 user trial of FileHold in your own environment, on your existing hosted cloud or on a contracted / dedicated FileHold Azure Cloud. For any of the options a Sales Consultant will work you to ensure that FileHold matches your budget expectation, complies with your IT infrastructure and give you a product orientation overview to ensure the software features match your needs.



Your trial will be taken seriously; you will be invited to a project kick off meeting where the trial goals and objectives will be established, server preparation and training needs will be reviewed and any questions you have will be answered. FileHold will commit to some hours of no charge; project organization, technical and training assistance to ensure the trial is fully functioning so that the basic functionality of the software can be explored. At your request the trial can be extended and become a "proof of Concept" installation so that the more sophisticated features of FileHold can be examined.  In all options the trail installation can become your production installation.




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