Document Management Software Trials

Free Document Management software trials

FileHold software is for larger organizations who want to move into a secure paperless environment and make use of electronic workflow and approval. To trial the software on your premises or in a hosted environment you require a dedicated physical or virtual server including access to SQL Server.   A minimum FileHold installation is for 5 users.

You can try FileHold software as a full installation on your server. Full installation on your server is performed by following the extensive self guided documentation and receiving some technical assistance. Also available, for a small professional service fee, is a full 30 day "proof of Concept" installation which includes extensive technical support, best practices advice and user training.

In order to make the trial experience successful there are three requirements:

  1. Have our sales team provider a budgetary price quotation for the software. Pricing starts at $3,750.00 for 5 users which includes powerful document scanning software. Learn more about the software's standard and optional features. Customers are encouraged to start small and add more users as the system grows.
  2. Be fully aware of the IT infrastructure needed for an in-house installation. Read our document management software requirements in order to become familiar with the requirements.
  3. To make your trial experience efficient, the sales and support team will schedule a pre-installation webinar to give you a system overview and some training. Enter the contact information on the form so we can arrange a suitable time.