Approving Tasks - FileHold 16.2 new UI

When approving documents, a new interface can be used for a more clean and friendly experience that provides more workflow details to the user. For example, task details, activity title, and previous workflow activities, comments, and actions can be seen on the same screen. Alternatively, the old interface can still be used.

Documents are approved, not approved, or postponed approval from the My Tasks list.

To approve documents (New interface)

  1. Go to Reviews and Approvals > My Tasks and select a workflow where the task is set to Approve.
  2. In the FDA, select the task from the list and click Complete Task. Alternatively, right-click on a task and select Submit Approval.
  • In the Web Client, select the check box next to the task name and click Complete Task.
  1. In the Submit approval screen, the following information is displayed:



Workflow name

The name of the workflow. This may be configured by custom naming.

Alerts area

Special alerts such as previous participant comments, overdue, restarted, reservations, on-behalf of are displayed on a coloured background.

  • Green – Informational message.
  • Yellow – Warning message.
  • Red – Urgent action is needed.

These alerts can be closed by clicking X in the message.

Task instructions with activity title

The activity title is taken from the activity title in the workflow template.

Approve x documents with x supporting documents

Number of main and supporting documents to be approved.

Task instructions area

Task instructions specified in the workflow template. The instructions should be reviewed prior to completing the task.

<action buttons>

  • Approve Approve
  • Do not approve Do not approve
  • Postpone approval Postpone approval
  • Task may be reserved Reserve task or if the task is reserved, it may be unreserved Unreserve task
  • Cancel Cancel

Task details area

  • Due date – Displayed with red background if overdue.
  • Check out – Not allowed or Allowed
  • Password – Required or Not required

Workflow history area

Displays the history of the workflow. Click Changes to view the changes to the workflow.

Changes icon System changes to the workflow such as adding main or supporting documents, adding one-time reviews, and delegating workflow tasks. Click the Changes link to view.

Restarted icon Workflow has been restarted

Approve Approved

 Do not approve Not approved

 Postpone approval Approval postponed

 Review icon Reviewed or one-time review

 Send for external signature icon Send for external signature

Workflow initiation Workflow initiated


  1. Select one of the following options:
  • Approve Approve – The document(s) status changes to “Approved”.
  • Do not approve Do Not Approve – The document status changes to “Not Approved” and the workflow is terminated.
  • Postpone approval Postpone Approval – The document status changes to “Approval Postponed” and the workflow is terminated. This option is available only if it has been enabled on the workflow template. A window may appear where you are able to restart the workflow from a previous activity, add a one-time review activity, or return back to the initiator. Select the option to restart from in the list, if presented, and click OK.
  1. In the Complete approval submission area, enter a comment in the comment area. The text box size is adjustable.
  2. Click Choose File to add a feedback document. Browse for a file and click Open.
  3. To remove the local copy of the feedback document, select the Remove the local copy… check box.
  4. If required, enter your FileHold password.
  5. Click Approve Approve or Do Not Approve Do not approve, depending on your previous selection.
  • For Postpone approval submissions, you may be able to restart the workflow from a previous activity, add a one-time review activity, or return back to the initiator. Select an option and click Postpone approval Postpone approval. See Postpone Approval for more information.
  • Alternatively, click Cancel Cancel to return to the previous screen.