FileHold Marketing Materials

FileHold practices what it advocates and lives the "Paperless Office". Printed materials are kept to an absolute minimum. Paper is saved, energy is conserved, and we always know where our information is. We encourage our Partners, Prospects and Customers to do the same and to view our brochures and datasheets in electronic form.

The following materials are available to customers and Partners:

FileHold Software Brochures

The following brochures are available to explain the features of FileHold software:

Document Management and Records Management Software System Product Brochure

Product Brochure

The management of documents and records from creation to disposition. Information is the key currency of business and government. In today's world documents and records are predominantly in electronic form and need to be controlled from creation to disposition. This is called the "document and record lifecycle."

Document Management Scanning and Imaging Brochure

Document Scanning and Imaging

The objective is simple: convert space consuming paper to usable, compliant, searchable electronic information. The datasheet covers the features in the software designed to meet the scanning objective.

Document Management and Records Management Software System Implementation Training Packages

Software Implementation and Training Packages

FileHold is an off the shelf solution that ships preconfigured with an intuitive and familiar file structure that mimics the physical filing hierarchy of cabinet/drawer/folders. The software installation is fast and easy and doesn't require extensive consultation and IT resources.

Document Management and Records Management FileHold Express

FileHold Express software for up to 20 Users

This version is for organizations that have up to 20 users, this option is priced for small business, departments or big companies who want to start small. FileHold Express is feature rich software designed for organizations big or small who want to go paperless. Included features: document scanning software, 3 viewers, installation, and 6 months of free support.

FileHold Enterprise

FileHold Enterprise, infinitely scalable document management software

For companies who need more than 20 users, FileHold Enterprise is the fast track to the paperless office. Enterprise is based on the Microsoft Service Oriented Architecture that can scale to support very large numbers of document management users and millions of documents. Pricing is based on registered users accessing the system concurrently.

Document Management Partner Brochure

Partner Brochure

For resellers: can customize this brochure to add your own company name, contact information, and logos in the provided areas. If you have any questions about customizing this brochure, contact [email protected]. Please also read our terms of use to understand the limitations and receive permission prior to use.