RTPO (RPO and RTO), Backup Retention, Uptime SLA

Q: RTPO (RPO and RTO), Backup Retention, Uptime SLA

We pass through Microsoft Azure’s uptime guarantees from the IaaS perspective.  As for restoring from backup, our standard backup retention: Snapshot retention last 2 days.  The default incremental backup program retention is: Daily for 14 days, weekly for 12 weeks, monthly for 60 months, and yearly for 10 years.

RPO: 24 hours (daily backups)

RTO: 4 hours

These are currently set to standard values for tier-3 non-critical applications.  We aim to respond to all support issues between our support hours of Midnight to 4pm Pacific.  So we like to say our RTO is best effort to get you running as soon as possible.  Snapshots from the last 2 days can be restored quickly.  If you request to restore from backup (files, or snapshots) then that can be a billable service as per our SLA.

The most typical restore is undeleting a file in FileHold.  FileHold can be configured for soft delete protection at the application level, for the last thousand days, so you can undelete any accidents.

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