Spanish Language Pack for FileHold is Released

FileHold Systems Inc. is the manufacturer of feature rich but affordable document management software announces the availability of its Spanish Language Pack as a standard feature.

FileHold document management software was architected to be easily translated into any language. Until now, FileHold business partners did the translations and supported various languages all over the world. Languages translated so far include; Arabic, French, Chinese, Polish, Indonesian, and Spanish. This release of the Spanish Language pack is fully supported and marketed by FileHold and comes as a standard no charge feature. Larry Oliver, the President of FileHold, said, “We are happy to be able to support the Spanish speaking countries who want to streamline business process and ensure document compliance.”

Maria Luisa Pineda, Executive Director of EA-Strategy, a FileHold Partner in Bogotá, Colombia, said, “We are very excited and happy about the release of the Spanish version of the document management system. FileHold strongly supports the needs of the Latin American market. The user presentation in Spanish greatly facilitates our marketing, implementation, and training tasks, and further facilitates the use of the system so everyone can take full advantage of the powerful tools that FileHold provides. This shows once again the commitment to excellent service that FileHold has with the Latin American market.”

Estamos muy emocionados y contentos por el lanzamiento de la versión en español del sistema de gestión documental FileHold. FileHold apoya enormemente las necesidades del mercado latinoamericano y, con Filehold en español, se nos facilitan enormemente las tareas de implementación y capacitación de la herramienta y el buen provecho y uso el sistema, ahora todo en nuestro idioma natal. Esto muestra una vez más el compromiso de excelencia en el servicio de FileHold con el mercado latinoamericano”

Kevin McArthur, VP of Sales at FileHold, said, “Many of our customers have Spanish speaking employees, partners or customers. Having the ability for a user to work in either the Spanish or English language makes “going paperless” even more attainable.”

About FileHold Systems

FileHold is a privately owned, Microsoft Gold, manufacturer of affordable document management software with over 11,000 seats in production throughout the world. FileHold software; the fast track to the “paperless office”, is easy to use, easily interfaces with third party applications and is tightly integrated with Microsoft Office and SharePoint. FileHold empowers workers to store and find their important documents, including e-mail, while maintaining tight version control and managed workflow. Sign up for a free public demonstration of document management software.

For further information contact Larry Oliver at 604-734-5653 [email protected].