FileHold Electronic Document Management System

  • Go paperless with FileHold software

    FileHold Document Management Software System

    Full-featured document management software from FileHold is feature rich, enterprise grade and affordable.  Its suite of features provide for document scanning, capture, indexing, storage, search, versioning, and document workflow review and approval. FileHold can be installed locally on your server for total security or in the cloud. Integrated with Microsoft office FileHold works on your desktop, browser, and mobile device. FileHold document management software makes it easy for organizations to improve security, increase compliance, streamline operations, and reduce  the use of paper while saving time and money. “Go paperless, go green” with FileHold document management software.

  • Mobile document management software

    View and approve documents anytime, anywhere with Mobile FileHold

    The reality of today’s business is that many key personnel spend a lot of time out of the office. The lack of immediate access to information can cause delays and blocks of an organization's processes. With Mobile FileHold, documents are never out of reach. FileHold's mobile collaboration application is available for busy information workers who rely on their smart phones for productivity away from the office. Using HTML 5 technology, access secure content anytime, anywhere, from a mobile device.

  • The paperless office with FileHold Software

    Document management software saves time and money

    Paper and electronic information in the workplace grows daily at an uncontrollable speed. Keeping your intellectual property secure and in regulatory compliance is every organizations challenge. FileHold document management software converts paper and electronic information into a secure, organized, version controlled, searchable electronic library. The FileHold "paperless office" builds process efficiencies by allowing workers to collaborate and approve documents in electronic form.

  • Workflow management software

    Electronic document workflow enables collaboration

    Most organizations deal with large volumes of paperwork or electronic information much of which requires co-worker review and approval. Failure to keep time sensitive information moving through the organization can cause long delays. FileHold document workflow and approval transitions your team from slow, cumbersome, manual document processes to efficient electronic document routing for review and approval. The FileHold workflow module, automates your business processes to increase productivity and decrease costs.

Document Workflow and Approval

Document workflow software and approval software improves operations by automating business processes such as Accounts Payable approvals and Contract collaboration. The FileHold Workflow module is for complex internal workflow activities.  Workflow is applied to documents needing to pass through reviewers and approvers before they are ready for general distribution. Document workflow provides instant reports on the status of documents in the review process.

FileHold Workflow software has a graphic design tool that gives users the ability to create pre-defined workflow templates consisting of document review and / or approval activities. Each activity can be pre-configured to define task descriptions, due dates, and reviewers or approvers that have to complete specific workflow tasks.

When workflow is combined with electronic forms (e-forms) and the Forms Portal paper can be totally eliminated from the information collection process.

Records Management Archiving and Disposition

Organizations have both active working documents and long term records that are kept for research or compliance. FileHold records management software manages both electronic documents and electronic records including rules and reports for archiving and disposition dates.

Disposition reports can be generated as required and are based on the document type, associated metadata, document age and archive policies. Documents are automatically designated as either active or inactive (records). Inactive documents may be automatically archived by FileHold software. Documents can be scheduled for automatic deletion based on easy to configure disposition rules.

Records may only be deleted from the library in accordance with their retention/disposition schedules or by a designated corporate records manager.

Document Scanning and Imaging

Implementing document management and scanning software is not just a "green" initiative to save trees and be environmentally responsible - it is also good businesses. FileHold software ships with scanning software that supports workstation scanners or Multi Function Center types. Document scanning is a way for organizations to become more efficient and to save money. It is estimated that the cost of processing paper (copying, printing, postage, disposal, recycling and storing) can be as much as 31 times the purchase cost of the paper.

FileHold Document scanning software gives customers the ability to turn cabinets of paper into a secure, version controlled, and compliant document management system.

Typed documents can be Optically Character Recognized (OCR’d) and tagged / indexed to make them easily found using the FileHold full text search capability. A big business scanning solution is provided at a small business price. "Go Paperless - Go Green"

FileHold Deployment Options

FileHold software can be installed on a physical or virtual server, a private cloud or on the FileHold Cloud where all IT functions are fully delivered by the FileHold team. 

FileHold Express is the entry point to the paperless office for up to 20 users. It is priced for; small organizations, departments, or big organizations who want to start small with a Proof of Concept (POC) installation. FileHold Express Ships with a mobile client, web access, Microsoft Office integration and document scanning software. FileHold Express can be upgraded to Enterprise without effort.

FileHold Enterprise is for larger organizations with more than 20 users. It is built on the Microsoft Service Oriented Architecture and can scale to support large numbers of users and millions of documents.  View the FileHold software features.

Courier is a feature in FileHold that allows users to securely transmit a document link, in FileHold to anyone with an email address. Communicate documents to Customers, Suppliers and Partners.

Why FileHold?

FileHold is an easy to use, scalable, client-server document management software system that can manage tens of thousands or millions of documents. It can store practically any type of file and directly integrate with the Microsoft Office suite of products or Microsoft SharePoint. The "smart" scanning solution that comes with FileHold can turn cabinets and boxes of paper into electronic information that can be searched in seconds.

With the workflow module, route your AP invoice approvals, expense reports, cheque requests, or employee on-boarding for reviewing or approving. Need to send documents for review or approval outside the FileHold environment? No problem! The proof of delivery feature, Courier, can be used to send documents in a controlled environment. With both the workflow module and Courier, all transactions are tracked and audited for full compliance.

FileHold can be used on a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone so you will always have access to your documents, or start or complete workflows on the go. You'll never be far from your information with Mobile FileHold.

Besides being a great software product, FileHold support is second to none! Our knowledgeable and friendly support team are always happy to assist our customers. The FileCare program ensures that our customers receive product upgrades at no extra cost. FileCare also includes unlimited technical support to assist with any FileHold software issues you may be experiencing. Our Knowledge Base, Support Portal and online videos are available 24x7x365.

FileHold is a proud company that is happy to offer a comprehensive document management and records management solution to meet your needs and budget. Our sales team is always happy to talk to prospective clients or you can sign up for a free live demonstration to see FileHold in action.

What Our Customers Say

  • "The ease of use and implementation were key to our decision to move ahead with FileHold." - Engineering Customer
  • "I think the search speed makes the greatest impression, but ease of use in general goes a long way." - Manufacturing Customer
  • "I really appreciate all the help FileHold has given me during the launch of our scanning and document management project." - Oil and Natural Gas Customer
  • "I like working with FileHold, you know what you're doing product and business wise. Your team has been great to work with." - FileHold Business Partner
  • "The help that I received from FileHold was hands down some of the best support I have seen with a software package". - Document Management Consultant
  • "I want to tell you how much everyone is enjoying our new FileHold installation. My users give me unsolicited comments on how well FileHold is working." - Manufacturing Customer
  • "I want to express my gratitude for the guidance we received from your customer service team during our initial FileHold build and the subsequent technical encounters." - Government Customer
  • "I am a convert to Filehold - the power is not in the file structure but the ease in which you can find what you are looking for." - Biotech Company
  • "The ability to which you are able to cutomize FileHold is very impressive." -Wholesale Trade Industry customer
  • Wow, you guys at FileHold really understand customer service. Thank you very much! - Integrated Canadian Forest Products Company
  • I wanted to express my thanks of how flexible and responsive you have been as an organization and wanted to let you know that I would be more than happy to act as a reference should you need one.The harsh reality is that the FileHold 'valued customer experience' has fallen by the wayside with many other vendors and is very refreshing when you come across it! -Telecommunications Customer
  • "I have once again been VERY impressed with the level of service you as a company provide and have provided in the past. I have said it before but I will say it again it is MUCH appreciated and VERY refreshing receiving this level and quality of service!" - Telecommunications Customer
  • It is refreshing to find a company as responsive as FileHold these days. - FileHold Reseller
  • FileHold has to be THE, if not, one of the easiest, most user-friendly, document management systems available on the market today.  We are now able to save time, space, headaches and stress looking through HUNDREDS of storage boxes for one piece of paper.  FileHold is ideal for ANY company, and will definitely be a valued asset within ANY company that has it. Referring to FileHold as ‘Highly Recommended’ would be like calling a 757 jet a ‘paper plane’…….. COMPLETE UNDERSTATEMENT. - Educational Services Customer
  • I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for helping me with remapping the data base look-up fields. FileHold has one of the best troubleshooting teams I have encountered in all my experience. I also want to appreciate the promptness and willingness to go the extra mile. You all have exceeded my expectations and set the bar really high. - Health Care Customer
  • Thank you all for your fantastic support. I’ve been with the US government as a military or civilian employee for over 30 years and my experiences working with FileHold Systems, Inc., have been among the best I have experienced working with a contractor. - US Government Customer

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