Hosted mode

The "hosted" mode option can be used by resellers of FileHold who host their customers. This helps control some of the system administrator functionality for hosted customers. Only the “support users” configured are able to perform certain functions such as:

  • Request a system license for a hosted system. No impact to requesting Courier licenses.
  • Write access to the document repository screens.
  • Start an FTS index rebuild.
  • Maintain another support user.

To enable the hosted option, add the following keys to the UserRoleManager web.config file under the <AppSettings> section.

  • <add key="Hosted.Enabled" value="false"/> - Set this to true for “hosted mode”. The default is false.
  • <add key="Hosted.SupportUsers" value=""/> - This is the name of the users that can operate certain advanced system administrator type functions. Enter the login name of one or more users separated by a comma. For example: “dshrute,jhalpert”