FileHold Training

FH Unlimited Training
  • Available for “Train-the-trainer” and administration training

  • Covers all out-of-the-box standard and optional FileHold features

  • Offers refresher training for existing team members or overviews for new administration users

  • Requires FileCare

FileHold recommends training as part of the implementation of its enterprise-grade document management software. FileHold offers two training options: the FileHold Fundamentals package and a two year unlimited training program. For organizations with more complex use cases or greater staffing needs, unlimited training, during the first two years of implementation, is the ideal solution to keep FileHold working at its optimum.

Unlimited training means the learning can continue, after the initial deployment, for the next two years. When enterprise-grade software is brought into an organization, it transforms the way documents and records are stored, searched, retained, and utilized. The FileHold training program is designed to keep your project goals in mind and ensure the DMS meets and exceeds those requirements. Over time, with FileHold continuing to provide benefits, the use case may grow or evolve, but the skills of the users do not. Two year unlimited training fills the knowledge gap, whether you need to learn how to use the expansive feature set, look at using a new set of tools, or bring new team members up to speed with how FileHold works to account for staffing change-over. 

FileHold’s training is offered entirely online – you can schedule your session through an accessible calendar, meet with your trainer through online tools, and have your training recorded and shared through FileHold Courier for future reference. All training is offered in the “train-the-trainer” model, where the FileHold trainer will work with your project leaders, project champions, or in-house trainer to master FileHold. Where possible, this is done using the organization’s use case, documents, and internal processes to make sure FileHold matches operational needs. The two year unlimited training package also includes refresher training for new system administrators who would benefit from a richer understanding of how FileHold works. The standard training curriculum can be viewed here.

If an organization would like to purchase training for users one-on-one or to train on a non-standard deployment, this can be potentially purchased as a Professional Service.

FileHold offers not only an extensive list of standard and optional features but also different ways to perform actions that may better match how each organization works with documents. FileHold’s training program will offer best-practice advice on the optimal operation of the DMS based on each organization’s specific stated needs. The training programs are intended to be a dialogue to collaborate on the best methods, as FileHold understands, to achieve the organization’s document management goals. This advice will be general - the training program is not a comprehensive operational analysis nor is it a consultation service to problem-solve organizational challenges. Your trainer will draw on their experience from similar operations and advise on how FileHold can assist. The goal of training is to optimize FileHold for your needs and deliver total satisfaction with the training process.

The FileHold Fundamentals package is limited to 8 hours, which is typically used in the first two months after implementation. These packages expire after one year. This is often sufficient to get FileHold working. The two year unlimited package can be a greater long-term investment, the training can be done in stages to allow for expansion into other areas.

The Fundamentals program of System, Library, and End User Administration training is recommended for all new installs of FileHold. If the organization is already using FileHold, refresher Fundamentals may also be a great option to get staff up to speed.

If you are not sure which option is best for your organization, or have any other questions about FileHold training, please contact us at [email protected].