Document Management System Support Program - FileCare

The purchase of a document management system is a small part of the total cost of ownership. Most important will be the ongoing support and upgrades that come with the software to protect against obsolescence! The FileCare program is your assurance that the software will perform as expected and support your ever changing IT environment into the future.

I need help with my FileHold system

There are two methods to request assistance from the FileCare team.

Make sure to include full details of the assistance you are requesting for the most efficient response.

Links to Details of FileHold Installation and System Support

FileHold Training and Installation Resources

The Professional Services Team has successfully implemented the paperless office for companies all over the world. In addition to the standard installation packages optional services are offered that bring even more value to formalized record and archive systems.

All installations start with the purchase of a standard Bronze, Silver or Gold software implementation package that are based on advanced remote installation techniques. As the installation progresses the professional services team will help the customer determine if additional services, consisting of; custom documentation, additional remote training or on site services may be needed or desired.

Personalized Software Documentation for End Users

One of the very best programs for those implementing the paperless office. Custom developed documentation tailored to the customer file structures. The customer file plan and business process are used to create materials that reflect the way the company works. The fast track to the paperless office is easy with user friendly personalized documentation.

Server and Desktop Client Software Installations

Suggested Work Plan:

  • Remote server preparation prior to on site work.
  • Remote Webinar to introduce the system to company Executives and key users (Administrator and Librarian).
  • Optional on site completion of the server installation and initial user configuration.
  • Train the trainer for end user deployment.
  • Focused training on document scanning and auto indexing.
  • Focused training for system administration and Librarian.
  • Remote follow up and coaching sessions as needed.

Software Consultation for the Journey to the Paperless Office

Suggested Work Plan:

  • Remote webinar introducing document management software "best practices".
  • Remote discovery session with IT manager to ensure technology / philosophy compatibility.
  • 2.5 days on-site.
  • Interviews with IT department about current IT infrastructure and practices.
  • Analysis of current document storage technology.
  • Interview with company librarian or person responsible for current document repositories.
  • Interview with selected staff in departments that will be directly affected.
  • Analysis of current paper filing systems and initial analysis of document scanning potential.
  • Bullet point presentation to management on findings and recommended course of action.

Mass Conversion / Importation of Existing Documents into FileHold

Suggested Work Plan:

  • Remote analysis of documents to be converted.
  • Remote preparation of a customer importation utility (price for this will be estimated after analysis of documents).
  • 2 days on site installation and testing importation procedures based on limited samples.
  • Optional 1 day on site training of the administrator on usage of mass importation utility.
  • Remote follow up and coaching sessions as needed covered under covered by the FileCare program.

Document Management Software organizes electronic and paper documents and records in a compliant way. The software allows companies to embrace the "Paperless Office" by streamlining document scanning / imaging processes and empowering users to work with, share and store electronic documents. Learn more about the features of the document management software.

Costs of not Using a Document Management System

  • 15% of an organizations revenues are spent creating, managing & distributing documents
  • 60% of employee time is spent working with documents.
  • 85% of business documents are in paper form
  • 5 - average number of times a document is printed.
  • 90% of a business’s information is in documents.
  • $4,500/year - at $30/hr, the amount that knowledge workers waste working w/paper

* From www.thepaperlessproject.com