FileHold Technical Support

The purchase of a document management system is a small part of the total cost of ownership. Most important will be the ongoing support and upgrades that come with the document management software to protect against obsolescence! The FileCare program is your assurance that the document management software will perform as expected and support your ever changing IT environment into the future.

Support cases are for requesting technical support for technical issues. For example, your system is not running, or the Desktop Client on a user's PC is encountering problems, or you see event viewer errors in the Server.

For product questions, answers can be found in our Knowledge Base. Read this troubleshooting and technical article page to start. You can also use or purchase additional training hours if needed.

I need help with my FileHold system

For assistance, email [email protected].

For the most efficient response from our technical support team, make sure to include full details of the issue you are encountering. Please include the following details in your email: 

  1. A detailed step by step description of problem and how to reproduce it.
  2. A FileHold Server health checker report if the system is not functioning correctly. You must submit a Health Checker report if you are reporting any serious issues with the Server
  3. Any onscreen error or warning messages that may be appearing.
  4. Please zip and attach relevant errors in FileHold and Windows Server Event Logs (if you have access to this) or screenshots of any errors that appear.
  5. If you are experiencing issues with the FDA (FileHold Desktop Application), attach the trace and error logs to the case.
  6. Full contact information for IT personnel.

Normal office hours are 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Pacific time, Monday to Friday. Technicians monitor these requests 16 hours per day. Once we receive your email, Your email will get attention and a case number will be generated. See the Service Level Agreement for more information on response times.