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Overview Presentation

FileHold is a solid document management system for organizations of all sizes, even the largest ones. This powerful solution empowers you to manage documents in an impressive way.

Full-Blown Document Management

Many products call themselves document managers. Most of the time, they offer document management features as some kind of add-on in project management tools, CRM or accounting systems, for instance. Well, FileHold isn’t just about uploading and sharing files within a project or a customer database. It takes care of your documents from start to end, and even from the paper version. For organizations who have yet to go paperless, FileHold enables you to scan paper documents (powered by SmartSoft Capture) and convert them to a variety of formats such as Word, PDF or images. If you already use a third-party scanning solution, FileHold has connectors to  capture documents from Ascent, Capture and Kofax, among others. You may also follow a document workflow and approval process, for better collaboration and management.

The Desktop Console

FileHold comes with an intuitive desktop console. When the solution is hosted in the cloud, FileHold opted for a desktop console for managing documents for performance and flexibility reasons, among other things. That being said, the console offers an impressive range of capabilities for document library management. Check in/check out, email notifications, alerts and reminders are priceless from a collaboration and communication standpoint. The console also provides powerful and flexible search capabilities, and search gets even better when using metadata collections efficiently. Finally, documents can be linked together with a parent/child relationship. This is great to create masters and amendments, as an example.

The Web Client

The great thing about FileHold is that there is almost no difference in appearance or functionality in the web or desktop client. The look and feel are the same: the only difference is that “drag and drop” and MS Office integration are obviously missing. The web client has a modern look and feel and most actions can be performed with it (check in/check out, move/copy, search and upload files, among other things).

FileHold also has partners for Cloud based hosting, for those who prefer this avenue.

Syncing and Integration

FileHold integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office and syncs with Active Directory, Microsoft Identity Integration Server (MIIS) and Identity Integration Feature Pack (IIFP). This empowers you to integrate with Windows NT domains, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes and database directories based on SQL Server and Oracle. However, FileHold doesn’t integrate with Google Apps or Google Docs. This may represent a showstopper for some organizations.

The Bottom Line

FileHold is an impressive, powerful and extremely reliable out-of-the-box document management software. No matter what size your organization is, FileHold should definitely be considered while searching for a document management system. The videos on their website may also give you a great overview of the product.

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