TechnoLawyer FileHold Review

A review of FileHold document management system in TechnoLawyer.

Read the entire TechnoLawyer article on FileHold  here. The following is an excerpt from the article:

No More Excuses

By Peter R. Olson

Although every law firm needs a document management system, not every law firm has one — or at least a real one (files and folders don’t suffice the minute you add a second person to the mix). But don’t blame law firms. Many document management systems require a significant start up investment and learning curve. No wonder so many law firms have opted out even though they end up hurting themselves the most.

FileHold ... in One Sentence

FileHold Systems’ FileHold is a document management software system that uses Microsoft technologies
designed to reduce its cost and simplify its implementation.

The Killer Feature

FileHold makes your firm’s documents available from any computer with access to the Internet, and keeps track of each version automatically thanks to “Smart Check Out/In.” For example, when you open a document and make changes, FileHold will prompt you to check out the document. When you close the document, FileHold will  prompt you to check it back in, thus providing a version history and preventing lost documents and changes.

“Thanks to Smart Check Out/In, FileHold becomes the single version of the truth in a law firm,” said Larry Oliver, President of FileHold Systems, when we asked him about this feature.