FileHold Integration with Microsoft SharePoint

This article was written by a magazine entitled "SharePoint Reviews" on the features of the Document Management Software and how they integrate with Microsoft SharePoint.   Following is a summary of the article with a link to the original at the end.

FileHold is an off the shelf document management software solution - documents are stored in their native format and there is no restriction on the types or size of document that can be stored . Users are only allowed to see document to which they have permission.

FileHold can be installed as a "web part" of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server or Windows SharePoint Services.  The document management software offers integration for Sharepoint to users who want to implement the Paperless Office but need tools that are not inherent in SharePoint. Features such as: document scanning software supporting over 300 scanner types, viewers, document approval, document numbering, and 3rd party integration tools such as FastFind all in a single package.

FileHold's SharePoint integration synchronizes user rights via Active Directory and allows users to move document(s) between the document management software and SharePoint with simple mouse clicks. Following are features / capabilities found in the document management software.

Capture, Integration and Classification of Documents

  • Document Tagging (indexing) Vocabulary Management
  • Streamlined Mass Document Tagging
  • Streamlined Mass File Additions - Importation
  • Working Document and Record Support
  • Scanning and Capture of Paper Documents
  • Hardcopy Document Tracking

Document Software Organization and Collaboration

  • Customizable, Secure Filing Environment That Mirrors Your Office Filing Environment
  • Document Version Control
  • Document Linking and Shortcuts
  • Subscriptions, Alerts and Reminders
  • Saved Searches
  • Personalized Folder and Search Views
  • Virtual Folders
  • Document Staging and Publishing Areas
  • Document Viewers

Document Management Workflow Review and Approval Features

  • Workflow Template and Ad-Hoc Workflow Support
  • Document Review and Feedback Collection
  • Document Approval and Sign-off Sheet
  • My Workflow Task List and Task Notifications
  • Review or Approve Documents from Anywhere
  • Hide Documents until they are Approved
  • Workflow Task Delegation
  • Support for Workflow Observers
  • Workflow Status Reporting
  • Search Support for Approved Documents
  • Activity / Task Override Capability
  • Permanent Workflow Record / Logging

Distribution, Searching and Access to Files in the Document Management Software

  • Powerful Full Text Search Capabilities, Metadata Search, Search Security
  • Search Relevancy Weighting
  • Access from a Web Browser
  • Access from the Desktop - The FileHold Desktop Application
  • Access from Office Applications
  • Document URL Support
  • Email Directly from the Library
  • Web Services API and 3rd Party System Integration

Storage, Retention and Disposal of Files in the Document Management Software

  • Active and Inactive Document Lists
  • Document Usage Logging
  • Multi-Stage Archive & Disposal Settings
  • Deletion Protection - Recycle Bin
  • Record Security in the Library

Management of the Document Filing Environment and Document Tagging / Classification Standards

  • Meta-tagging Vocabulary Management
  • Guaranteed Metadata Capture
  • Pick List External Database Lookup of Metadata
  • Document Filing Control
  • Set Document Naming Standards

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