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FileHold Software Review: Overview – Features – Pricing

Posted on on June 18, 2014 by Jose Maria Delos Santos.

FileHold is a document management software that has a suite of features capable of making an organization go paperless and thus save time and money. With features that include document scanning, archiving, search, indexing and automating workflow, companies of all sizes are given flexible options for deployment, with an out-of-the box solution that comes pre-configured and will only take two hours for installation. It is a flexible solution that can be used across industries with the help of a professional services team and partners capable of providing installation, implementation and support.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Comprehensive document management solution- FileHold comes with scanning and imaging software that supports hundreds of scanner types to provide companies soft copies of their documents. It has Virtual Folders to allow limitless organized aggregation of documents. It can automatically create document names and apply control numbers. It has record management features to manage disposition and retention. It integrates with Microsoft Office, and users can check documents in and out using the Office applications. It also has search, tagging, linking and version control features. It also has calendar, email and 11 different user security roles to choose from.
  • Optional extended features – In addition to a great number of standard features, the document management software can be extended with optional modules. The Document Workflow fully automates the review, approval and routing of documents that need to pass several persons. Active Directory integration allows for single sign-on and synchronization of user permissions and roles with AD users and groups. It can be used as the web part for SharePoint integration. It can convert documents to PDF and send to a document library. It can add electronic signatures, black out sensitive data, allows importing of a large number of documents, and more.
  • Unique customizations – FileHold allows customization of the document management software in several ways. Language localization transforms user prompts into different languages. Participation of partners and the customers themselves who understand the language best is needed. Rebranding allows the use of client logos and preferred color scheme. Script-based auto filing of documents is possible to a destination folder configured on the server. Integrations with other applications can be made with the Web Services API.


FileHold comes in two types of products, Express and Enterprise. Express is for small business or departments of up to 20 users. A one time fee of $3,750 includes server software, scanning software, five user licenses and six months of FileCare, which is the support and product upgrade program against software obsolescence. Enterprise is for medium to large organizations with more than 20 users. Pricing is based on a low cost user fee and actual usage or concurrent session charges. A cloud hosted option is also available through FileHold Partners with software rent cost ranging from $12 to $18 per month per user.

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Target Market

FileHold document management software has products for small, mid-sized and large organizations. The whole organization can benefit in using the system. The solution can be implemented in a wide range of industries such as Oil and Gas, Accounting, Contract Management, Education, Engineering, and more.

Supported Languages

The software supports English and Spanish. It also supports language localization in customized implementations.

Some of their Clients

Clients include Panasonic, BMW, GE Healthcare, CEMEX, US Department of Justice, Defense Information Systems, and Asheville Oil Company.


An Engineering customer described the ease of use and implementation as the key in deciding to move ahead with FileHold.

A Document Management Consultant stated that the help they received was hands down the best support they have seen with a software package.

Why FileHold

Document management software FileHold provides many benefits such as centralized file storage, lifecycle control, audit trails, and faster search and information distribution. It is also simpler to use than managing volumes of paper, with the readiness for automated task coordination, information sharing and collaboration. The end result is a cost-effective paperless and environment-friendly office.

Company Info

FileHold Systems, Inc., is the owner of FileHold Document Management Software System. It is a privately held company based in Burnaby, British Columbia. It was founded in 2005 by the late Dr. Jacek Lipowski, who was responsible for its overall technology direction and product development execution. Dr. Lipowski passed away in January 2014. Current President Larry Oliver is responsible for company funding, business partnerships, and the mission and vision of creating and deploying a ground-breaking document management software system.