Is Your Company Drowning in Paper?

Review of FileHold software "Drowning in Paper" from Brainstorm magazine.

Wouldn't it be something if you could actually find the proposal you wrote last month as easily as you could find whatever you're searching for on Google?  We've grown so accustomed to easy search on the web, but when it comes to our own offices, we're still in the dark ages. Too much paper and too many filing cabinets - and all those files we pay to have stored off-site. Not anymore, thanks to FileHold Software. FileHold is the affordable fast track to the Paperless Office, allowing your organization to convert mountains of paper and electronic information on overstuffed hard drives and remote desktops into a secure, organized, searchable electronic library.

"According to a study by Gartner Research, on average professionals spend 50% of their time looking for information," says Larry Oliver of FileHold Systems. "Every company wants to find a way to reduce paper, encourage sharing and keep their documents in compliance.  FileHold has broken the paradigm of the 'paperless office' as being complicated, hard to use and expensive.  With a small investment and in a short time, a departmental solution can be up and running, setting a model for the rest of the organization."

The benefits of a paperless office go beyond freeing up more of your time. You save resources by reducing your consumption of paper. You protect intellectual property by freeing up the 20 - 40% of a worker's time spent searching for documents. You find the information you want quickly and easily, and you can potentially even reduce your overhead expenses by reducing the floor space required to store all of your documents.

"Reducing paper improves profits," Oliver states matter-of-factly. "Companies are looking for ways to save money, save time, and become more aware of their environmental responsibilities at the same time. Our service takes care of all three of these issues - without a large capital investment."

According to Oliver, if any of the following apply to your company, you're a good candidate for the FileHold system;

  • Every version of this contract is different: which is the most recent version? Who was working on it last?
  • There are 5 different people writing the same policies, why can't we share our work and avoid duplication of effort?
  • Everyone has access to my files on the server?  I need a system of user rights that restricts the view of documents to only people I want to see them?
  • Why does it take forever to get 5 different approvals on a revised policy document?
  • How do we stay in compliance with rules regarding record retention?
  • I need a system that sends me a reminder and gives me access to contracts up for renewal?
  • Each branch office has their own files on the same topic - needless duplication!

FileHold is Microsoft-based software that in most cases will operate on the Microsoft environment you currently have in place.  FileHold software is easy to install and easy to use, and provides options for organizations large and small including FileHold Cloud, a fully-hosted solution, or FileHold Subscription, to minimize up-front investment.

For more information on eliminating paper and organizing electronic information, visit or  contact [email protected].