Review of FileHold and Microsoft SharePoint

A review of how FileHold and Sharepoint document management functionality compare prepared by an an independent consulting company.

The following is an excerpt from the paper:

FileHold and SharePoint Introduction

Interest in SharePoint from my clientele is very high at this time and was stated by Bill Gates as being Microsoft’s most successful platform launch.  As an independent consultant I prepared this white paper as an overview of SharePoint and FileHold document management software ( and how co-existence can help provide a ‘best of both worlds’ approach that satisfies most if not all business requirements.  With all its success, caution needs to be taken so as not to repeat the mistakes many organizations made when they deployed Lotus notes and content repositories proliferated. “Going Viral” is great for Facebook and YouTube but not for enterprise content.

Centralization of content management into a “System of Record” is critical. A system of record is an information repository that is the authoritative source for a given piece of information. The need of the system of record is acute as workers collaborate to create content for a specific business use. Often the integrity of the data is vital and the validity is open to question when it is not auditable or traceable. There are many versions of SharePoint and enterprise decision-makers first need to fully understand the various versions and functions to avoid buying more than the enterprise requires. Next they need to consider the Total Cost of Ownership of implementing advanced content management on a SharePoint platform. Lastly, thought should be given to ongoing deployment and administration.

With FileHold and SharePoint companies can now afford to adopt advanced Content Management across the entirety of the business enterprise.