Atalasoft Case Study on FileHold Systems and WebCap

FileHold creates feature-rich document management software at an affordable price.

The term "paperless office" has been used over and over – ever since the first word processing software was designed and released. Yet, the paperless office didn’t materialize as fast as those early adopters predicted and it is still a challenge to many paper-oriented executives.  Desktop scanners are becoming ubiquitous and the paperless office is becoming more of a possibility as organizations gain appreciation for the cost savings and efficiency of a paperless workflow.

FileHold, document management software for small and large businesses, has made the secure "paperless office" a reality for many organizations. With FileHold, companies can scan, store, and easily search thousands of documents. The document management software integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office, Microsoft and PDF e-forms, and is a document management solution for Microsoft SharePoint.

The FileHold business objective was to create a feature-rich document management software solution and deliver it at an affordable price. FileHold’s team built the software so that it works as an "off-the-shelf" document management solution with enough configurable features to fit most customers needs vs. a document management software system that would require extensive customization and professional services to implement.  The end result is a product that takes hours to install and put into production instead of days or weeks.

FileHold is available as:

  1. FileHold Express – for up to 20 users, a document management system for small businesses, departments, or for large companies who want to start small.
  2. FileHold Enterprise – for more than 20 users, a document management system based on the Microsoft Service Oriented Architecture that can scale to support an unlimited number of users and millions of documents.

FileHold WebCap

FileHold WebCap is a standard optional feature available to FileHold users that enables web-based scanning using only a web browser and a scanner.  No local, client-scanning software is required.  This strategy supports organizations that do not want the IT infrastructure costs associated with installing and supporting desktop applications - especially cloud-based deployments.

Larry Oliver, the President of FileHold, said, “When FileHold began developing WebCap, our professional services team conducted a thorough assessment of multiple products that would deliver the browser-based scanning capability that our customers were looking for. After a review, we determined that Atalasoft’s DotImage with its feature-rich API in a .Net environment was exactly what we needed.   We found the Atalasoft team to be very supportive of our technical needs through the development process.”

The end result is a new feature in FileHold that supports paperless office objectives.   WebCap is a powerful web-based scanning and viewing feature that allows each remote user to scan documents using only a web browser and to initiate complex workflow and approval processes in FileHold.

"Our customers didn’t want desktop, client scanner software that they had to manage," said Oliver.  “"Atalasoft’s DotImage has enabled us to offer the browser-based scanning solution that our customers were looking for."

How Customers are using FileHold WebCap

Many of FileHold’s customers and prospective customers are companies that have a lot of branch offices or mobile workers. FileHold’s document management software allows those multiple branches and mobile workers to move from a physical paper-based process to an electronic process that speeds decision making and saves money.

With the addition of the WebCap feature, a large automobile manufacturer is adding a remote scanning capability (in all of their dealerships) to their sales documentation process. In this case, a user can scans a credit approval document with an intelligent barcode; the information on that barcode initiates a document management/business process workflow to the finance division for fast, paperless approval.

Another FileHold customer is using the WebCap scanning capabilities for the organization’s expense report processing. An employee completes their expense report and scans the document via WebCap into the FileHold workflow module. That scan automatically initiates a workflow process sending the electronic expense report to the employee’s supervisor for approval, then accounting, then accounts payable – an entire expense account approval process completed with a few key strokes.

Bottom Line

FileHold needed a browser-based scanning solution for their document management software. By implementing the powerful but flexible Atalasoft DotImage solution, WebCap became a reality to meet FileHold’s customers’ browser-based scanning needs.  To learn more about WebCap visit the WebCap Overview.

Read the article on FileHold's WebCap feature on the Atalasoft website.