FileHold - RIMA Foundation Product Focus

Each month, the RIMA (Records and Information Management Awareness) Foundation ( focuses on selected RIM products and services, highlighting their features and corresponding benefits to users based on available information. For the month of March 2011, the product focus is on FileHold Document Management Software.

You can read the product focus on the RIMA Foundation website.

Feature Highlights

FileHold Document Management Software delivers features that help organizations manage a document through its entire lifecycle, from arrival at the organization through revisions and approval to secure disposal. Users can incorporate documents from network drives or desktop applications (such as Microsoft Office and e-mail applications) quickly via simple drag-and-drop actions. Metadata is added from a centrally controlled document schema, making documents easier to retrieve in the future. FileHold offers an AutoTagging feature that can automatically add pre-established metadata to documents that are added to an AutoTagging folder.

Check-in/Check-out: FileHold delivers check-in/check-out functionality, preventing documents from being overwritten or deleted as documents are updated. The version control feature ensures that previous versions of the file are maintained by the system in the event that a rollback is required.

Workflow: The system also features a workflow and document review engine so customers can deploy automated document routing. For example, a user can scan invoices as they arrive and route them via an automated workflow for approval by the appropriate person.

FastFind: The FastFind feature enables a user working in a different application, such as a tax-return software application, to locate additional information in FileHold (a payroll slip, for example) by simply pressing the F9 key on the keyboard to launch the FileHold repository.

Security: The security features allow administrators to assign different custom roles that restrict or expand a knowledge worker’s manipulation of digitized information.

Digital information can be simultaneously entered into FileHold’s repository and the Microsoft SharePoint repository.

Product Choices

FileHold offers two editions of the software, both are suitable for many different industries including healthcare, government, technology-oriented engineering companies, financial service firms and manufacturers.

  • FileHold Express (designed for up to 20 users) Express is targeted at small companies (or departments within larger organizations) FileHold offers Bronze, Silver and Gold implementation packages which include technical installation and IT and end-user training. The Express edition has all the features and functionality of the Enterprise product but at a less-expensive entry cost. It is intended to prove to small companies or departments within large corporate organizations the ease and effectiveness of transitioning from paper-based to digital workflows.
  • FileHold Enterprise (designed for 20 users and up is infinitely scalable). FileHold, FileHold Enterprise can scale to large deployment. Pricing for FileHold Enterprise is based on the number of registered users and is priced on a sliding scale, with the per-user cost dropping as more users are added to the system.


FileHold offers many user benefits, including:

  • Storage of any type of file
  • Standard processes
  • Business Process Workflows
  • Tracking / Auditing
  • Ease of Installation
  • Affordability

System Requirements

The FileHold System required a dedicated server or a virtual machine. The requirements are Dual-core CPU, Windows Server 2008 later, SQL Server 2005 or 2008.

FileHold is Microsoft-based software that in most cases will operate on the Microsoft environment you currently have in place. FileHold software is easy to install and easy to use, and provides options for organizations large and small including FileHold Express for up to 10 users and FileHold Enterprise for large organizations.

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