5 Reasons Why You Need FileHold Document Management Software Review

The next installment in my "5 Reasons Why…" focuses on the many good reasons to own and use FileHold document management software. The software improves workflow productivity, reduces paper waste, and protects your intellectual property. FileHold software makes your companies documentation fully version controlled and easily searchable Users can access FileHold directly from Microsoft Office, any third party application, or from anywhere there is access to the internet including via mobile devices.

The internet has changed the way people store and find information. We find things by searching (Google) and the results are weighted to our preferences. Customers store music and pictures with innovative and easy to use software like iTunes and Flickr. FileHold software has borrowed heavily from these new ideas. Documents can be stored by any classification customers choose – meaning you store your project documents the way you are comfortable storing them and finding them. The software search techniques take these classifications into consideration to provide meaningful results. A personalized dashboard with bookmarked lists of documents frequently used is provided. Folders for favorite documents with document-to document linking or document to folder shortcuts that allow customers to bundle files into logical groups. A document tray utility makes link management for files across the library a snap. Virtual folders allow the aggregation of files throughout the library into their own personal "views" or custom folders.

I have to admit, I’m not much into using products with a big learning curve. FileHold is not like that…I found the webinars and online documentation to be very detailed and self-explanatory and the solution would be easily customizable and ready to handle the documentation needs for the types of projects and consulting initiatives that I generally lead.

After reviewing the product, the documentation and taking the video tours and discussing the product with the organization, here are my 5 reasons you should use FileHold software to make the documentation of your business more secure.

Control your Total Cost of Software Ownership: Historically the licensing fee for document management and document workflow software (i.e. SharePoint) is a fraction of the professional service fees required to install, modify, add plug ins, train users and finish implementation. FileHold is a complete enterprise grade "off the shelf" COTS solution. FileHold software can be configured by users to meet their own unique requirements – no customizations and no add ons! That works for me. FileHold uses a proven, remote, web based implementation methodology that reduces the time and cost of implementation of the software. FileHold guarantees a complete "user ready" installation in less than 2 hours or will work at no charge until it is done.

FileHold offers an ongoing support program (FileCare) that provides unlimited technical assistance and product upgrades. The technology world will change as your Microsoft, and mobile device, operating systems are upgraded and security patches are installed. With the FileCare program in place your document management software will evolve with you and your system.

Flexible and Practical Licensing model: FileHold pricing is simple and flexible. The licensing can be purchased by a onetime licensing fee or on a monthly per user Software as a Service fee. There are never fees for the number of documents being stored or scanned. The average cost per user reduces as users are added to the system. There is no price penalty for starting small and growing as needed which is encouraged by FileHold. Customers may purchase FileHold on an interest free (walk away anytime you want) payment plan and a generous trade in is provided for replacing competitive systems.

Easy Software to Learn / Feature rich: FileHold mimics the cabinet / drawer/ folder / file system everyone has used for years. Extensive use is made of the vocabulary of the internet and of the Microsoft desktop (i.e. Drag and drop, right click, on line help, favorite folders, and search buttons are all familiar and intuitive to software clients).

FileHold software imposes document schemas that provide central control over how each type of documents is classified (metatags) when being added to the library. Metadata is the "gold" of the content search and retrieval world. What good is searching by customer name when you want a contract and get a bunch of invoices? Metadata fields can be populated with text entry, checkboxes, or drop down menus when a document is added or updated.

FileHold ships with powerful but easy to use scanning and imaging software to OCR, index, and store documents as fully searchable. FileHold fully supports; high-speed document scanning, image enhancement, OCR, viewing, annotation, printing, storing images for both black-and-white and color pages, barcode and patchcode recognition for automatic document separation as well as advanced scanner features such as multi stream and auto color detection

Rights Management and Audit Trails Drives Compliance: To be compliant with Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, GDPR, PIPEDA and other regulatory requirements, document and record management software must have granular user rights and the ability to create audit trails of all document touch points. When configured and backed up appropriately all document activities within FileHold have a non-reversible and permanent audit trail. For fast and easy user management, and the highest possible level of security, FileHold software ships with 12 predefined user roles and integrates with Active Directory for the synchronization with the domain and groups that reside in Active Directory.

Integration with other Business Applications: Many companies want document and record management to be a component of a larger integrated knowledge management system. In addition to being tightly integrated with Microsoft Office FileHold software is based on the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) model which exposes, in a secure way, web services to the outside world and other applications. There is a free, fully documented, easy to program, web service API which accommodates every possible integration scenario. Out of the box it is possible to search FileHold or to send documents to FileHold from any other application.

It is possible drag and drop files to and from the desktop to the FileHold library using the desktop application. The smart client provides a quick and easy way to add files en masse to the system. The desktop client can "watch folders" and queue documents for upload to the library.

Ready to See for Yourself?

FileHold is feature rich and holds several public webinars each month to demonstrate those features. You can easily sign up for any of these webinars or request a free trial to see the platform in action for yourself.

FileHold resembles the software and business processes people work with every day. This friendly interface together with on-line video tours, lots of detailed and helpful online documentation, web based train the IT administrator / librarian seminars eliminate the need for expensive on site user training.

The software is designed to meet a high percentage of the operating requirements of customers "out of the box". The document workflow processes follow many industries best practices. This keeps everyone on a standard code base thus customer software support incidents are kept very low.

Posted 07/23/2014. Read the original article on BradEgeland.com.