Rapid Deployment of FileHold

A "paperless office" case study based on a FileHold partner implementation. Proof that our installations are fast and easy!

The Challenge

eID Solution is an Australian software integration and IT support company who sells FileHold. eID helps customers to efficiently manage their business and improve productivity, by combining technology with proven service delivery. They achieve this through the design, implementation and support of appropriate and effective information technology solutions.

Their customer conducts the commercial affairs of the harness racing industry in a part of Australia. Their activities include the registration of harness racing clubs, strategic planning, insurance administration, allocation and scheduling of race meetings, distribution of funds, negotiation of commercial agreements, and the development of breeding and handicapping policy. They do all of this with a very small staff so the need for an automated solution that would help them keep electronic documents ordered and secure was essential. The customer also wanted to start the process of converting paper records into electronic form.

Small, busy organizations find it hard to plan complex software installations well in advance. In late June they started working with eID to secure a Document Management software solution that could be put in place for the start of their fiscal year July 1.

Our Solution

eID Solutions had recently become a our software partner so they could offer their customers a solution to the growing problem of information management. They selected our document management software, in part because it was a Microsoft Gold Certified and tightly integrated with Microsoft Office produces in use by their customers. eID already worked and had expertise in the needed Microsoft components such as SQL Server and Windows server. It was easy for them to create a perfect FileHold software installation environment.

Our document management software is a feature rich product but with a price point that is designed for small and medium sized companies. During the evaluation process eID found FileHold to be a good business partner. Both companies are highly response, customer focused, and have a "can do", philosophy.

When eID's customer approved the purchase of FileHold it was June 29 and they wished to have it in place, approximately 2 working days later, for the start of their fiscal year: July 1. Once the order was issued, we were able to immediately assign an engineer to prepare the software for downloading. FileHold comes complete with automated installers so the installation process, including full function testing can be done in a matter of hours. eID has Microsoft server expertise and prepared the server in advance to accept the FileHold software. We use a service from Citrix called "GoToMeeting.com". This allowed our engineers and the eID technical team to share the server desktop to do the installation work.

Solution Summary

We worked with an Australian partner to implement a complete document management solution in under 2 days across 17 time zones. The customer receives the benefits of a centrally managed system that eliminates paper while managing the versioning of electronic documents on behalf of the small team. The installation was scheduled and completed in under 2 hours by the two teams located several continents and 17 hours apart. In less than 2 working days the customer had a comprehensive document management system in place with which to start out their new fiscal year building a highly structured document library. David eID Director commented on the installation process, "Smooth, efficient and effective all that a business requires in a fully integrated management solution."

Business Benefits

The benefits of the FileHold / eID solution are:

  • The process of moving towards the "paperless office".
  • Version control makes it much easier to find the current version of the many commercial agreements that need to be managed.
  • Automated workflow to tell the customer when to renew contracts or begin negotiation.
  • It will be much easier to find information from their membership when asked to do so.
  • The small staff can remain productive not wasting time searching for information.

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