A Document Management Solution for Human Resources

The Human Resources department of any company is always faced with the challenge of managing masses of electronic and paper-based documentation such as résumés, benefits, application forms, pension plans, health care, salary, and performance review documents. With HR being one of the most document-intensive and document-sensitive areas in an organization, FileHold helps hard-working HR professionals by delivering a range of benefits such as automation, audit, retention and compliance.

How Celestica Leverages FileHold in the Human Resources Department

Celestica is a long term customer of FileHold. From advanced medical devices, to highly engineered aviation systems, to next-generation hardware solutions for the Cloud, Celestica manages the complexity for their customers and sets the bar for quality and reliability in their markets. With offices in North America, Europe, and Asia, and thousands of employees, FileHold is used worldwide to manage their HR records.

Celestica stores the records relating to new hire packages which includes information such as offer letters and confidentiality agreements in the FileHold repository. In addition, they store any related documentation for the executive team that are deemed highly sensitive. With the use of FileHold document management software, employees' employment-related information is protected and secure.

Strict permissions can be imposed on users so they can only access permitted documents. Audit trails and reports can track which user has accessed a document and what tasks they performed such as viewing, emailing, or downloading.

Celestica is committed to driving their sustainability initiative by collaborating with each other, as well as with our customers, suppliers and local communities to drive positive change and, ultimately, foster a company-wide culture of sustainability. With this conscientiousness in mind, eliminating the need for onsite physical storage for employee records and leveraging technology in a safe and secure way brings peace of mind to the organization.

FileHold document and records management software can make your HR documents compliant, comprehensive, and accessible by delivering digital records of your workforce. It also aids in the ability to recover the space currently used for physical filing cabinets used to store paper files. This leads to efficiency and cost savings. Ultimately, FileHold helps protect your most valuable assets – your employees.

"FileHold is considered to be a key component of the Celestica HR Technology toolkit. It serves as a repository for employee records and aligns directly with the organization's sustainability initiatives. Furthermore, it directly aligns with strategic initiatives such as 'digitizing' employee records, leveraging sophisticated technology that has robust security settings, sustainability and keeping our data safe and secure."
- Director, Global HR Solutions, Celestica International Inc.