General Insurance Services Provider Case Study


The company is an insurance services agency that provides sales and support services to health insurance carriers. It has a broad portfolio of medical, dental, vision, life, and even more specific specialty products to serve their clientele. The company provides services to both small and large groups including, individual medical, workers’ compensation, dental, vision, and life coverage plans.

This FileHold customer asked that in order to protect their proprietary business processes and information their name be withheld from the case study. The customer agreed to a question and answer session about their implementation of and the business problems the software solved.


FileHold Question: What were the reasons (i.e. business problems) that drove you to look for document management software?

Customer Answer: We re-booted a common acronym to identify our problem quickly, “WTF”. In our case this meant, ‘Where’s the File?’ The health insurance industry went through major compliance changes relating to the Affordable Care Act (ACA. This resulted in almost all of our new business moving into a two-month installation crunch, December 1st and January 1st effective dates. When we had to squeeze 12 months of work into 2 it forced us to realize that working with paper files was no longer an option.

We had file cabinets scattered throughout the building, a few rooms filled with file carts, and offices fully dedicated as locked file storage for our paper files. It was obvious our process was not working anymore because it was very difficult to remember where a file was. Paper files, while easy to edit when they were on your desk, were almost impossible to keep track of when managing over a hundred at a time. It was taking our employees an hour to setup their desk in the morning and an hour to close it up at night which was way too much time wasted.

FileHold Question: Why did you choose FileHold document management software?

Customer Answer: To be brief:

FileHold Question: How are you using FileHold? (What departments and operations, etc.)

Customer Answer: Our initial implementation was for only new business and case installation. Our underwriting department is primarily using FileHold to manage and open new business cases. We take piece-meal documentation and build it into a single final file that is submitted to carriers to enroll small businesses in group health insurance coverage. Using the FileHold workflows we source out documents that need extra attention from other departments in order to have them ready to be added to the final file.

Based on the success of our new business team we have rolled FileHold out to our finance, customer service, and large group new business departments as well.

FileHold Question: What business benefits are you receiving from the software?

Customer Answer: Collaboration between team members has become seamless. The pressure that was previously on our staff to keep track of files on a post-it has gone away which has allowed the focus to remain on completing higher quality work more efficiently. After getting over the initial adoption hump of going paperless the entire company now sees the value in using technology to improve business systems. We have also been able to easily scale our staff up and down during seasonal surges by simply training new staff on specialized tasks within the technology rather than relying on them to learn tribal knowledge previously necessary to perform the required work.


This FileHold installation is installed on the customer’s premises on a virtual machine using VMware, Windows Server version WS2012R2 and SQL version ServerSQL 2014. Currently there are 160 named users of the system and the software includes SmartSoft Capture document scanning.

For optional features this customer has single-sign-on via Active Directory integration, the document workflow and approval module, FastFind to search for documents within FileHold from other applications and server side OCR to make all documents fully text searchable.

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