Forms Portal

If you have forms you would like to have filled out electronically through a friendly portal and submitted directly into a review and approval workflow for eventual secure storage and management - FileHold wants to hear from you!

AIIM - The Association for Intelligent Information Management in a forms survey asked: , “How much more productive do you think your administrative staff would be if their processes were work-flowed, using scanned forms (the FileHold solution also eliminates scanning) and documents, with automate data capture? ” The average was a 33% improvement with a third saying 50% or more.

FileHold Forms Portal is in Preview Mode Only. With the global pandemic, organizations have a desire to reduce the amount of paper documents being exchanged or even coming into their organization and provide a way to process them process them electronically. The need for such capabilities is being requested by our customers, and as such, FileHold is developing an add-on to our existing forms extraction, document workflow and portal capabilities. If you are looking for such a solution, we would like to show you what we are developing and discuss how it might work for you.

Almost all organizations, of any size, have forms that need to be filled out from both inside and outside of their organization. These include forms for employee applications, requests for information, medical, services, vendor certification, compliance requests, and many more.

FileHold already has the ability to process electronic forms but now has the ability to extend the use of paperless forms outside of the organization. Not only can forms be downloaded from the FileHold portal they can also be uploaded through the portal and into the FileHold repository, eliminating the need of paper-based forms and document scanning.

The portal may be embedded as part of a corporate website inside an iframe. This allows for the integration with any website development platform, such as WordPress or Drupal. The portal can have a responsive design, meaning it will work across various devices, screen sizes and orientation. Elements of the portal such as fonts and colors can be customized to fit your corporate branding.  Here is an example of the start up screen.

Forms portal Main page

Registered users can log in securely into the portal. The registered user accounts can be managed by administrators of FileHold. Here is the log in Screen.

Forms portal Login screen

From drop down lists sorted by topic of interest forms can be viewed, downloaded, filled out and submitted back to the portal. This can be accomplished anonymously or as a registered user.  Example of registered user screen.

Forms portal Form entry

Forms can be submitted anonymously or via a registered user account. Once the forms are uploaded into FileHold, information on the form is extracted automatically via the FileHold forms extraction tools.  Information such as name, address, date, and so on are captured as metadata, and a workflow can be initiated. Once the workflow is in progress, the form can be reviewed, approved, or sent for a digital signature with Adobe Sign.  The forms submission screen.

Forms portal Submit forms

Registered users can have their own “workspace” in the portal. They may be able to view their previously submitted documents and their status, download forms, upload forms and documents, and mange their account. The user workspace screen.

Forms portal Personal workspace

Are you looking to streamline your forms processes by putting them online for your customers, vendors, partners or employees to complete for eventual entry into a document management system? To learn more about the future of FileHold and the Forms Portal contact [email protected]