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Past Partner Webinars

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FileHold 15.2 Partner Training Series

Session 1 Topics: (download recording)

  • System requirements changes
  • FileHold viewer level 1 and 2
  • Webcap “preview”
  • Smartsoft Capture licensing changes
  • FastFind search by quick search or full text search
  • Miscellaneous updates:
    • Document URLs direct downloading
    • Adding middle initials to user names
    • Group restrictions for read-only and guest roles
    • Administration menus restructured
    • Full text search engine changes
    • FDA invalid certificate errors

Session 2 Topics: (download recording)

  • Disable automatic refresh “My Tasks” list
  • Additional “Allow initiator to define” options in workflow templates
  • Converting main documents to records after a workflow completes
  • Automatic restart on “approval postponed” workflow
  • Converting main documents to PDF
    • Appending workflow and/or metadata values to the end of the PDF document
    • Convert to PDF templates           

FileHold 14.2 Partner Training Series

Session 1 Topics: (download recording)

  1. System requirements
  2. Updates to the Web Client
  3. Report changes
  4. New Print to FileHold

Session 2 Topics: (download recording)

  1. Workflow enhancements
  2. FDA Viewer updates
  3. Server Side Automatic Document Importation (ADI) jobs

Session 3 Topics: (download recording)

  1. Search improvements
  2. Document URL links
  3. Searching FileHold from an external application

FileHold 14 Partner Training Series

Session one (download video recording):

  1. Global settings on user preferences
  2. Server side OCR
  3. Server side ADI
  4. User Defined Events
  5. Licensing grace period

Session two (download video recording):

  1. DB Lookup on schemas
  2. Outlook Watched Folder
  3. PDF E-forms
  4. Folder colours
  5. Searching (is blank)

Session three (download video recording):

Mobile FileHold including WF

WebCap for Large Organizations who want to go Paperless!

There are many large companies that have remote offices or employees that work off site who need to scan documents such as contracts, bill of sales, expense reports, or work estimates into a document management system. For example, a sales representative travels to a client's office to close a potential deal but does not have a method to scan and upload the signed contract.  There is now a simple solution to this problem. Introducing FileHold WebCap!

WebCap can be an inexpensive option when compared to the equivalent scanning power on a desktop computer at approximately 100 locations. WebCap allows remote users to scan and store documents via the internet into FileHold’s central repository. The WebCap feature is extremely useful for companies that need to generate automated workflows based on the scanned documents and who want a reduction in paper usage. With WebCap, all users have the same software regardless of what TWAIN compatible scanner they have. The scanning function is seamlessly integrated with the rest of the FileHold user interface. The document viewer allows pages to be added, reordered, removed, zoomed, de-skewed, rotated, compressed, and loaded from and saved to disk. Documents can be stored in FileHold in TIFF or PDF format.

Download this video recording on WebCap.

Introduction to E-Forms Webinar

You can use e-forms in many aspects of daily business processes to automatically extract the values in e-forms into the metadata fields of FileHold. Visit our e-forms page for more information. We will be discussing the benefits, and return on investment (ROI) when using the e-forms feature.

Download this video recording.

FileHold 12 New Features Review

Download the Release Guide.

Download this video recording.

To play the webinar:

  1. Install the GooMeeting codec - this must be done so you can view the GoToMeeting Windows Media Player video file that is compressed in the RAR archive.
  2. Then  you should unpack the RAR Archive file with Winrar ( ) or 7-zip so that the Windows Media video file is not compressed in the RAR file. You will not be able to view the video from the RAR file, it must be unpacked first.
  3. Launch the Windows Media file of the meeting.

FileHold Software Server Installation Webinar

Join Technical Support and Consulting Manager, as they walk resellers through the process of installing FileHold document management software on a demo or trial server. This webinar will cover:

  • Server Preparation
  • Installation
  • Configuration and Testing
  • Next Steps
  • Q&A

It is recommended that ALL potential and existing resellers of FileHold document management software attend this webinar to learn everything there is to know about server installation. 

Go paperless! Document Capture

Join us for our one hour presentation on how to go paperless with document capture capabilities.

Learn more about capturing and indexing documents using Multi-Function Centre(MFC's), digital copiers, and dedicated document scanners. This webinar will discuss best practices on how to become a paperless office using document capture methods using the software's integration capabilities with 3rd party document imaging software, Workflow, Zonal and Full Text OCR strategies, Barcode Recognition,and Watched Folders.

You can download this webinar package which contains the QSP Tutorial, webinar, PowerPoint presentation, four sample invoices in TIFF format, and two sample patch codes in TIFF and PDF format. This is a 92MB file.

Strategies for Setting up Library Hierarchy and Metadata

The software makes content creation and collaboration, the storage and organization of documents, and sharing within an organization easy. Users can move intuitively within the library hierarchy to set the destination and metadata for a document. However, some Library Administrators struggle when setting up the library hierarchy and metadata that will meet the needs of all the users.

Learn how leveraging the power of the software's flexible Document Types/Metadata and Library Structure will allow your customers to improve their flow of work and management of documents.

You can download the Library Administrator Best Practices presentation.