Document Management, Workflow and Scanning Software

How to Buy FileHold Document Management Software

Document Management and Records Management Software System FileHold Express

Express for up to 20 users

Software priced for small business, departments, or big companies who want to go paperless by starting small. Ships with web access, Microsoft Office integration, document scanning software and 6 months of free support. FileHold Express can be upgraded to Enterprise. To learn more about pricing download the FileHold Express Datasheet.

Document Management and Records Management Software System FileHold Enterprise

Enterprise for more than 20 users

Software that is the fast track to the Paperless Office. Based on the Microsoft Service Oriented Architecture that can scale to support very large numbers of users and millions of documents. Pricing is based on the number of registered users accessing the system concurrently. To learn more about Enterprise, download the FileHold Enterprise Datasheet.

Document Management Installation Packages

Implementation and Training Packages

Three packages: Bronze, Silver and Gold are offered at a set fee for implementation and training. Choose a package that fits your needs and your budget and have the software performing in a matter of hours. You are in control of implementation costs, never be over budget. Read more about the training and implementation packages.

Document Management System FileCare Support

FileCare Technical Support and Upgrade Package

Get unlimited technical support and product upgrades that ensure your purchase of the FileHold document management system stays as current as your computer operating system. FileCare pricing is based on the cost of your licensing purchase and is affordable. FileCare provides total protection for your software investment and the valuable intellectual property you are storing in the system. 

Learn about our flexible pricing options

Customer Testimonial

"FileHold was very affordable when compared to many other systems I looked at and I struggled to find a reason why. It works very much like systems that cost much more, so I admit that I am relieved and pleased with this decision. Overall, We are very pleased."

Packaged Installation and Training  keeps the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Low

The standard implementation packages guarantee a successful installation and user training.  The software will be delivered and installed using proven remote installation services via Citrix Web conferencing software. Professional technicians work remotely with your IT administrators, document librarians and users to install the server software and conduct training as needed.

The remote installation technology is secure and does does not provide any type of permanent remote access to the server. This is a secure way of working with the document management software on your system and leaves you in control at all times. This approach has been proven with 100% of our customers.

The advantages of this software implementation methodology are both cost and time savings:

  • No travel time or costs are incurred
  • Schedules can be changed on fairly short notice -  flexible
  • The very short times that IT staff can dedicate to a single project can be accommodated
  • The entire work day is available to find the best time
  • Multiple people at different locations can be accommodated at the same time
  • In the event of something preventing the installation on the server, the installation can be rescheduled when steps to remedy the issue are made
  • Training can be in delivered in manageable pieces to allow implementations to occur at a fast or slow pace, depending on your requirements

Document management usually refers to the short term storage of electronic working documents, while records management refers to longer term storage of permanent records. To learn about the specifics of records management and document archiving software go to document archiving software.