Workflow Status Report for Workflow Participants

The workflow status report shows the status of all workflows that are occurring in the system that the user is the initiator of, a participant in, or an observer. The report shows the tasks from all activities, including those that have not yet started (future tasks). Users can access the workflow status report by clicking on Reviews and Approvals > Status Report.

The workflow status report can also be accessed in the Administration Panel of the Web Client. This workflow status report contains filters that can be used to narrow down those workflows that the end users have participated in or observed. See Workflow Status Report in the Administration Panel.

In Reviews and Approvals Status Report pane, all of the workflows that you are involved in are shown. The workflow name, the number of main documents and supporting documents involved with the workflow, the initiator, the start and due dates, the percent completed, and the status of the workflow. The possible statuses of a workflow are:

  • Pending Approval (In progress) – When the workflow is in progress.
  • Completed – If the workflow is completed the final approval or review status is shown. (Approved, Not Approved, Approval Postponed, or Reviewed).
  • Cancelled – If the workflow has been cancelled, the status of Cancelled is shown.
  • Restarted – The workflow has been restarted manually or automatically.

The number of main and supporting documents in the workflow is shown in the workflow summary line. To view all of the documents that are involved in the workflow, click the Show Documents link. The documents appear in the “Documents associated with <workflow template name>” window. The documents are listed by main or supporting document types. From here, documents can be checked out, emailed, viewed, downloaded, or deleted.

Click the View Details link to review the workflow template details. If you are using the FDA, click on the coloured areas to expand and contract the different areas of the workflow template.

Under each workflow name, click on the + or > symbol to view all the activities in the workflow. The activity order, type (review or approval), the participant, on behalf of (if the task was delegated), comments, attachments, start date, due date, and completion date, the percent (%) completed, and if the task status. The possible statuses of a task are:

  • In Progress (Blank) – If the task is in progress, then the status is blank (empty).
  • Future (Blank) – If the task is in the future, then the status is blank (empty).
  • Cancelled – The workflow has been cancelled.
  • Overridden – The workflow task has been ignored and no action is taken. The workflow completed or moved on to the next activity in the workflow.
  • Voided – The task was reserved and completed by another participant. The task was removed and voided from all other participants.
  • Reserved – The task is currently reserved by a participant.
  • Blocked – The task is currently reserved by another participant thereby blocking all other participants from the task.

An asterisk (*) appears next to the participant’s names’ for all tasks that are available to be reserved in the Workflow Status report.

Workflow status report for end users

To view comments that a participant has left for a document, double-click on Comments link. The Comment Details window displays the comments from that participant and task.

Workflow comments

To download a copy of the feedback document, click the Save icon Workflow save feedback document in the Attachments column. In the FDA, select the location to save the feedback document and click Save. The document is downloaded to that location. In the Web Client, the feedback document is saved to the browser’s default download location.

From the workflow status report, you can take the following actions on a task:

  • Show Documents (link) – Opens the documents associated with the workflow (main documents and supporting documents) in a separate window.
  • View Details (link) — Displays the workflow template.
  • Restart a Workflow – To manually restart a workflow, select the completed activity from where to restart the workflow from. Workflows can be restarted on not approved, approval postponed, or an active workflow. Workflows marked as completed and approved cannot have their workflows restarted.
  • Rename Workflow – To rename the workflow instance, select the workflow from the list and click Rename Workflow. Enter the new workflow instance name and click OK. Workflows can only be renamed by the initiator or senior administrator if the “allow initiator to define” option has been enabled in the workflow template.
  • Cancel a Workflow — Allows you to cancel the workflow. Confirm the cancellation by clicking OK at the message prompt.
  • Clear Completed — Removes the completed workflows from the list.
  • Clear Cancelled — Removes the completed workflows from the list.
  • Reserve/Undo Reservation – Allows you to “reserve” or undo the reservation for the selected task. Once a task is reserved by a participant, it prevents all other participants from completing the task and is removed from their task list. The status of the user who reserved the task is “Reserved”. The status of the other users is “Blocked”. Once the task is completed by the participant that reserved the task, the statues changes to “Reviewed” or “Approved” and the status for all other participants is “Voided”. If the reservation for the task is undone, then the task is available to all participants again. This function is available only if the option Force Reservation is enabled in the workflow template. An asterisk (*) appears next to the participant’s names’ for all tasks that are available to be reserved in the Workflow Status report.
  • Override Task— Overrides a task or activity by moving it to the completed state without affecting the rest of the workflow. Use this feature when a workflow member is absent and the workflow needs to be completed.
  • Delegate Task — Delegates a task to another user.
  • Print (FDA Only) – Prints an exact match of what is displayed on the screen.
  • Export (FDA Only) – When exporting the report, you can choose to export only the workflow or you can include both the workflows and the tasks. The report can be exported to CSV or HTML. Note that for the HTML report, the workflow must be expanded in the Workflow Status Report results to print the tasks. In other words, the HTML report will be exported to look exactly how it appears on the screen.

To scroll through the workflows or to increase the number of workflows shown on the screen in the Web Client, use the controls at the bottom of the report.

Workflow status report page size


Viewing the Workflow Status Report for a Single Task

You can view the workflow status report for a single task from the My Tasks List.

To view the status report for the task

  1. From the My Tasks list, select a task from the list and click View Workflows.
  2. The workflow status report is shown. Click Back to My Tasks to return to the task list.