Workflow Change Log

The workflow change log is accessed through the workflow status report and tracks the changes made to the workflow process such as delegating, restoring, restarting, overriding, and cancelling. The workflow change log is specific to each workflow and is access only through the workflow status reports in the Web client.

The workflow change logged can be viewed using the Changes link in the workflow status report. If no changes for the workflow has been logged, the Changes link is not available.

To view the workflow change log

  1. From the Web Client, go to Administration Panel > Workflow management > Workflow status report.
  • Alternatively, in the Web Client, go to Reviews and Approvals > Workflow status report in the library tree.
  1. Locate a workflow and click the Changes link.
  2. The following information is displayed in the workflow change log:
Column Description

Action type

Describes the action taken on the workflow. The following information is recorded in the workflow change log:

  • Manual delegation of a participant
  • Automatic delegation of a participant
  • Restoration of an original participant
  • Delegation of an initiator
  • Restoration of an original initiator
  • User overrides a task
  • User cancels a workflow
  • User restarts a workflow
  • Added one-time (hyperlinked to one-time review activity details)

Action performer

The user who performed the action. This could be an administrator, initiator, or participant.

Action date/time

The date and time the action occurred.

Activity number

The activity number in the workflow that the action occurred.

Task number

The task number in the workflow activity that the action occurred.

Delegated user

The name of the delegated user (initiator, participant, or one-time review participant) if applicable.

  1. Click Back to return to the workflow status report.