Reviewing tasks - Classic interface

The review activity is designed to facilitate the collection of comments and feedback on a file(s) from other users. The review activity can be used alongside one or more review or approval activities. Unlike the approval activity, the review activity does not have the same rules for activity termination. The review approval activity is considered complete once all participants have completed the task of reviewing the document and providing comments and/or feedback documents.

Once a review activity is initiated, the document tasks are automatically routed to the participants and appear in their My Tasks list. Email notification can also alert users when they are assigned a new task of reviewing a document.

As the activity progresses, participants complete their review tasks by providing comments and/or attaching feedback to the file. All comments and feedback files are routed back to the initiator so they can get the feedback they need to continue working on the document.

Documents that are under a workflow can be viewed and/or checked out during the review process (if configured). The review task cannot be completed while a document in the activity is checked out and the document must be checked in before a review can be submitted.

When all participants complete all of the review tasks the activity is completed. The next activity in the workflow will then begin. If this is the last activity in the workflow the workflow will be marked as complete.

If it is a multiple document workflow, then the review status is applied to all main documents. See Initiating a Workflow on Multiple Documents for more information.

Prior to reviewing a document, you may be able to check it out to make revisions.

Once a review is submitted, you may need to enter your password to confirm your review. This is akin to an electronic signature.


To review a document in FDA or web client (Classic interface)

  1. Go to Reviews and Approvals > My Tasks and select a workflow where the task is set to Review.
  2. In the FDA, click Complete task.
  • Alternatively, in the FDA, right-click and select Submit Review.
  • In the Web Client, select the check box next to the task and click Submit Approval/Review.
  1. In the Comments field, enter your comments for the document.
  2. To attach a document containing additional feedback, click Browse to add the file.
  3. Select the Remove the local copy of this file after my review feedback has been successfully sent check box if applicable.
Review task - Classic interface
  1. Click OK.
  2. You may be required to enter your password to review the document. In the Please Enter Your Password window, enter your FileHold password and click OK. This step may be optional depending on the workflow template configuration. See your Library Administrator for details.
  3. The task is removed from your My Tasks list. If there is another activity in the workflow, then the task moves to the next assigned participant.
  4. To view the current status of the workflow, see the Workflow status report.