Overriding workflow tasks

In some situations, tasks in a workflow need to be removed from the workflow in progress. Overriding a task removes the task from the workflow instance without affecting the remaining workflow tasks. When a task is overridden for a participant, the status of the task changes to “overridden”. In the case where a document is being approved by other participants, the remaining approvers determine if the document is “approved”.

Overriding a task or activity is only available to cabinet administrator owners and higher roles. A task cannot be overridden if it has been reserved. Completed tasks and activities cannot be overridden. A future task can be overridden, including one-time review tasks.

A “Send for external signature” or “Wait for external signature” task can be overridden when using an external signature workflow. This option can be used in the event that a document is sent to Adobe Acrobat Sign or DocuSign but the signature is effectively optional. If an external signature task is overridden, the status of “Overridden” is displayed in the workflow status report as with other overridden tasks. In the audit report, the status is Canceled/Declined. In the External Signing Report, the status is "Aborted" for Adobe Acrobat Sign or "deleted" for DocuSign.

To override a task

  1. Go to Reviews and Approvals > Workflow Status Report and select the workflow that you want to override.
  2. Click the + sign to view the workflow activities/tasks in the workflow. Select the task you want to override and click Override Task.
  3. The Override Workflow Tasks message opens stating that the task will be pushed to completion without affecting the rest of the workflow. Click OK. The status is updated to “Overridden”.