Automatically Initiating a Workflow

Workflows can be started automatically based on a document type when they are added to the system or a new version of a document is checked in. Since the workflow is triggered automatically, you cannot use an ad-hoc workflow template. You will need to create a defined workflow template to use with this feature.  A workflow cannot be automatically initiated when only metadata is edited.

When adding a document through Mobile FileHold that uses automatic workflow initiation, the workflow templates cannot have any part marked as “user-defined” or the document will not be added to the library.

To automatically initiate a workflow

  1. In the Web Client, in the Administration Panel > Library Configuration> Document Schemas and double-click on a schema name to edit. Click Edit.
  • In FDA, go to Administration > Manage Schemas > Document Schemas > Schema Name > Workflow tab.
  1. In the Auto-Start Workflow area, select one of the following options:
  • Do not start any workflow automatically – This option should be selected for ad-hoc workflow templates.
  • Automatically start the following workflow when adding a new document of this type
  • Automatically start the following workflow when adding or checking in a document of this type
  1. From the drop-down list, select the workflow template you want to use. Only the workflows associated with the schema are available in the list. Note that this cannot be an ad-hoc template.
  2. Click OK or Save to save the changes.

Automatically starting a workflow

Automatic Workflow Initiation in FileHold 12

Workflows for one specific document schema and workflow template can be automatically initiated using a server plug-in that is enabled with your license. Note that only one schema and one template can be used at this time. This is an optional feature that will need to be purchased separately. Contact [email protected] for pricing or better yet, upgrade and a more powerful feature is included automatically.

If you have purchased the workflow plug-in, you can check to see if your license has been enabled.

The workflow is automatically started when a new document is added to the document management system using the defined schema. The workflow is not automatically started when metadata is edited or a new version of the document is checked in.

To see if the workflow plug-in is enabled

  1. Go to System Administration > Global Settings > License Information.

  2. The Allow Server Plug-ins field should be set to Enabled. If it is not enabled, then you need to request a new license key from [email protected]. Read here on how to request a license key.

Once you have installed the new license and the plug-in is enabled, you can request to get the AutoStartWF.dll file from [email protected]. This file will need to be installed on the server.

To install the AutoStartWF.dll on the server

  1. Log into the FileHold server using the administrator username and password.

  2. Navigate to C:\Program Files\FileHold Systems\Application Server\LibraryManager\bin for Windows 2008 server or C:\inetpub\wwwroot\FH\FileHold\LibraryManager\bin for Windows 2003.

  3. Copy the AutoStartWF.dll file to the \bin folder.

  4. Create the document schema and workflow template that you want to use for automatically initiating a workflow.

  5. Navigate to C:\Program Files\FileHold Systems\Application Server\LibraryManager for Windows 2008 server or C:\inetpub\wwwroot\FH\FileHold\LibraryManager for Windows 2003.

  6. Open the web.config file using an editor such as Notepad.

  7. In the <plugins> section, type the following text:

<plugIn>C:\Program Files\FileHold\LibraryManager\bin\AutoStartWF.dll </plugIn> (or whatever is the path to the dll file)

  1. In the <appsettings> section, enter values the following:

<add key="AutoStartWF_SchemaName" value="" /> (where value " " is the name of the schema being used)

<add key="AutoStartWF_WorkflowName" value="" /> (where value " " is the name of the workflow template being used)

  1. Save the web.config file.

  2. Log off the FileHold Desktop Application (FDA).

  3. Restart Web Server (IIS) on the server.

To test automatic workflow initiation

  1. Open FDA or Web Client.

  2. Add a document to the system using the schema name used in the web.config file. The workflow should automatically initiate.

  3. Check My Tasks or Status Report in the Reviews & Approvals area for the first person or group defined in the workflow. The first task in the workflow should be displayed.