Automatically Initiating a Workflow

Workflows can be started automatically based on a document type when they are added to the system or a new version of a document is checked in. Since the workflow is triggered automatically, you cannot use an ad-hoc workflow template. You will need to create a defined workflow template to use with this feature.  A workflow cannot be automatically initiated when only metadata is edited.

When adding a document through Mobile FileHold that uses automatic workflow initiation, the workflow templates cannot have any part marked as “user-defined” or the document will not be added to the library.

To automatically initiate a workflow

  1. In the Web Client, in the Administration Panel > Library Configuration> Document Schemas and double-click on a schema name to edit. Click Edit.
  • In FDA, go to Administration > Manage Schemas > Document Schemas > Schema Name > Workflow tab.
  1. In the Auto-Start Workflow area, select one of the following options:
  • Do not start any workflow automatically – This option should be selected for ad-hoc workflow templates.
  • Automatically start the following workflow when adding a new document of this type
  • Automatically start the following workflow when adding or checking in a document of this type
  1. From the drop-down list, select the workflow template you want to use. Only the workflows associated with the schema are available in the list. Note that this cannot be an ad-hoc template.
  2. Click OK or Save to save the changes.
Automatically start a workflow - schema settings