Web client access through a web browser

To access the FileHold web client, you will need to use a valid web browser. See the browsers that FileHold supports.

Two-factor authentication may have been configured for your system. See Multi-Factor Authentication for more information on how to log in if this has been enabled for your system.

The interface of the web client is similar to that of the FDA such as adding, checking in and out, searching, and emailing. Most functions are identical but there is more end-user functionality in the FDA. View the Web Client and FDA comparison table.

To login via the web client

  1. Type the URL provided by your administrator into the address bar of your web browser. We recommend that users bookmark this page or make it a favourite for easier access.

​The URL is usually in the format <protocol>://<ServerName>/FH/FileHold/WebClient/LoginForm.aspx. Replace <protocol> with http or https. Replace <ServerName> with the actual name of your FileHold server. In the following example the secure protocol https is used and the server name is edms.example.com:


An alternate URL is available for customers with FileHold 17.0 or higher. This new address will eliminate a redirect in these systems. <protocol>://<ServerName>/FH/FileHold/Identity/Account/Login.

  1. The FileHold logon page will appear. Select one of the following options:
  • Enter your login name and password and select the domain (if applicable) and click Continue.
  • Click Windows IWA. Use this option if you are configured for Windows Active Directory. This option is only available for use if configured.
  • Click Azure AD and follow the prompts to login. Use this option if you are configured for Azure Active Directory. This option is only available for use if configured.
  1. If you are a local user, the links to reset your password and user ID may be available. Follow the prompts to retrieve your user ID and password.
Logon page tailoring

A shortened URL can be provided to end users when configured. See Access the web client with a short URL for information on how to configured IIS for short URLs.

Accessing the Web Client from the FileHold Desktop Application

The majority of the library and system administration functions are performed through the web client and can be accessed from the FDA Administration menu.

These items will only appear in the menu of users with administrator rights.

To login from the FDA

  1. Open the FDA and login.
  2. From the Administration menu, go to Administration Panel.
  3. You are taken to the Web Client login screen. Login using the instructions above.