Merge tags

Merge tags can be used in various areas of FileHold to insert information into documents, configuration, library objects, etc. System information, such as workflow and document information, metadata field values, or entire documents can be linked, embedded, or expanded into source documents.

For example,

  • The document control number for a document can be expanded with [[sys|document-control-number]].
  • Engineering documents are stored with a pp Project no metadata field which should be included in documents.
merge tag example
  • An employee name metadata field should be used to auto-file employee documents to the correct folder.
merge tag example with auto-tagging
  • A watermark applied to a work instruction documents including special control information to support an ISO 9001 process.
merge tag example for watermarks

Merge tags can be used with:

  • Workflow – A template designer can enable the convert to PDF option to run at the end of a workflow activity. One of the options in the convert to PDF feature is to append a Microsoft Word document at the end of each main document in the workflow. Merge tags can be included in this appended document.
  • Document assembly – All supported file types being assembled can include merge tags. The supported file types are those that allow the entry of text content including docx, text, html, and other rich document format files.
  • Watermark definitions – Whether creating a watermark template or adding a watermark directly when using assemble, you can use merge tags to form the watermark values.
  • Viewer annotation – Text values in annotations can include merge tags. Pre-defined annotations can "rubber stamp" values generated by merge tags onto documents.
  • Auto-filing – Merge tags can be used in cabinet, drawer, folder group and folder name definitions when building auto-filing templates.
  • Hybrid-SQL – Merge tags can form portions of the hybrid-SQL statements used to configure the optional workflow routing or document plug-in.
  • Microsoft Word properties – Provides the ability to link metadata and system values using merge tags to document properties in a Microsoft Word document. When the document is downloaded or viewed, the current metadata values are displayed.

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