Document viewers

Viewers have many user features and many benefits that increase productivity and save companies money. Viewers come included with each registered user license and assigned to registered users by the system administrator. Different viewers are available for use with FileHold:

  • FileHold Viewer level 1, 2, and 3 — For use with the FileHold Desktop Application (FDA) and Web Client. If a user is assigned a FileHold viewer license, then they are also able to use the PDF/Image viewer in the FDA.
  • PDF/Image Viewer — For use with the FileHold Desktop Application (FDA). This viewer may be disabled. See your system administrator for details.

Viewer behavior can be configured in the User Preferences > Viewer tab.

There are a wide variety of free viewers that can be used with the web client if the native application is not available. These viewers can be installed on the computer running the Web Client to view files downloaded from the document management system. Read a summary of viewer alternatives that work with the Web Client.

Starting in 2017, Brava viewer licenses are no longer available for new FileHold purchases. Previously purchased Brava viewer licenses are still available for use in the FileHold Desktop Application. The Brava Viewer (3 levels) is for use with the FileHold Desktop Application (FDA). If the Brava viewer is purchased (any level), customers receive the FileHold Viewer level 2 at no additional cost. If a user is assigned a Brava viewer license, they can also use the FileHold Viewer with the Brava viewer, with the Brava Viewer viewer being the default viewer. See the complete list of file formats that are supported by the viewer.

Full and partial screen views in the FDA

The interface of the FileHold Desktop Application (FDA) can be modified to accommodate seeing more information in the library tree and metadata pane when the viewer is in use.

Both the library tree and the metadata pane can be set to “full” or “partial’ view mode when the viewer is open. Full mode extends the panes to the bottom of the screen where partial mode decreases the pane size to the same level as the viewer pane. This full mode feature allows users to look at more information in these areas while still viewing a document.

The Full and Partial buttons appear in the Library Tree and Metadata Pane only when the viewer is activated. Full mode is useful when looking at a document and entering metadata at the same time.

The FDA with the library tree in "partial" mode and metadata pane in “full” mode
The FDA with the library tree in "partial" mode and metadata pane in “full” mode