The document tray

The Document Tray allows users to collect and perform actions on documents that are filed in various folders throughout the system. The document tray behaves much like a shopping cart in an e-commerce application in that it provides a temporary holding bin for documents that users wish to perform actions on.

The Document Tray helps users perform the same actions on documents that are stored in different folders. All actions available on the toolbar and right click commands are supported in the document tray including get copy, check out, move/copy, email, link and delete.

TIP: Documents that are in the Document Tray are not copied or moved. The Document Tray is only making reference to the documents located elsewhere in Library.

To open the document tray

  1. In FDA, click on the Document Tray icon FDA - Document tray icon on the lower right side of the screen.

  2. In the Web Client, click Document Tray located at the top of the hierarchy panel.

Web Client - Document Tray

The Document Tray opens at the bottom of the screen. In FDA, you can adjust the size of the Document Tray using the slider arrow. The Document Tray in the Web Client is self-adjusting. It expands to fit the documents automatically.


Adding documents to the document tray

There are multiple ways to send documents to the FileHold to the Document Tray

To add documents to the document tray    

  1. There are many ways to send documents to the FileHold to the Document Tray. Do one of the following:
  • In FDA or Web Client, right-click on one or more files that are to be sent to the document tray and select Send to > Document Tray.
  • In the Web Client, place a check mark next to the documents you want to move into the Document Tray and select Sent To > Tray from the toolbar menu.
  • In FDA only, drag and drop document(s) from one or more folders and into the Document Tray.
FDA - Document Tray

Removing files from the document tray

Removing documents from the document tray does not delete the file from the library. The document remains in the same location.

To remove files from the document tray

  1. Select the documents you wish to remove from the tray and click Clear.

Linking documents in the document tray

Use the document tray to link documents from disparate areas of the library.

To link documents in the document tray

  1. Send the documents you want to link to the document tray using the methods described above.

  2. Select all the documents you want to link, right-click and select Link Documents.

  3. Select the "parent" or "master" document from the list and click Link.

  4. A message stating that the documents have been successfully linked appears.