Changing the document version owner

Every document has an owner. A document owner is the user who has added that version of the document into the repository. The owner may need to be changed during the life of a document.

Organizers and Cabinet Administrators, for cabinets they own, can change the ownership of the current document version using the contextual menu in the library. You can change ownership for one document at a time; it cannot be performed en masse. Cabinet Administrators and higher roles can change ownership en masse using a utility.

This is useful when certain users need to initiate workflows and the system administrator permission setting “Allow non document version owners to initialize workflows” is not enabled. For example, in a workflow template, the task can automatically be assigned to the document owner instead of having to set the user name each time a workflow is initiated.

Workflow template - Include version owner

To change the ownership of a document version

  1. Right-click on the document and select Change Document Owner.
  2. In the Find People window, enter a first and/or last name and click Find Now.
  3. In the search results, select the user and click Select. The ownership of the document is changed to the selected user.